East Village NYC Food Tours Coupon

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Pizza from NYC Food Tour

Despite its daunting monolithic feel, Manhattan is really a patchwork of neighborhoods with storied histories.  Some are gentrified to trendy and glam.  Others are true gems: vibrant, multicultural neighborhoods whose color and texture have been defined by waves of immigrants from all parts of the world who began arriving as far back as the mid-1800s.
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Legoland California Coupon with Grayline Transportation

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Family enjoying rides at Legoland

Image Courtesy of Legoland.com

Our highly anticipated day in Legoland, the amusement park built on all those plastic bricks we all love, began with a Gray Line motor coach ride up the Pacific coastline from our hotel near Los Angeles to the park. Here’s a travel tip; save time and money by purchasing your tickets online and using the exclusive coupons from Trusted Tours.
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Knott’s Berry Farm Coupon with Gray Line Transportation

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Wooden Roller Coaster at Knotts Berry Farm

Image Courtesy of Knotts Berry Farm

Our Knott’s Berry Farm Package with Gray Line Transportation includes stress-free round trip motor coach transportation to the park from Anaheim area hotels.  The daylong adventure begins at approximately 9:15am with your prearranged Anaheim hotel pick-up. Save time and money by using our exclusive coupons and buy your tickets online.

Knott’s Berry Farm is not a trip to the family farm.  It’s a day of family fun in the California-themed amusement park well known for its thrilling rides.  In a world of high tech animation, this 160-acre park located just outside Los Angeles features high-flying activities with different themes based on the section of the park you’re visiting.

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Ripley’s Believe It or Not Coupon NYC Times Square

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Ripleys Believe It Or Not Robot

Image Courtesy of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

What is Ripley’s, really?  It’s a museum without rhyme nor reason, a sideshow, a celebration of the truly weird.  It’s a walk into the unexpected; an encounter with the eccentric.  It’s at once strange and amusing.  This is why Ripley calls itself an “odditorium.”

Robert Ripley was an eccentric.  He was cartoonist, entrepreneur, collector of the odd and exotic, amateur anthropologist, entertainer and master self-marketer.  Until his death in 1949, he spent years traveling the globe in search of one-of-a-kind, unbelievable and inexplicable facts, artifacts and oddities of people, animals and things.  He was a collector of curios. The “Unbelievable Mr. Ripley” used these as a basis for his wildly popular syndicated newspaper cartoons, and radio and TV shows.  Today, much of his collection and more are presented in 32 Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditoriums.  This one in New York City Times Square is the largest. Twenty exhibits, many interactive, cover two floors. For a limited time, you can save money by purchasing tickets online with Trusted Tours and using our exclusive Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Coupon.
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Grayline Tours- Los Angeles To SeaWorld San Diego Coupons

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SeaWorld San Diego One Ocean Show

Image Courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego

While everyone entering the park rushes off to see Shamu and hopefully catch a glimpse of Baby Shamu, SeaWorld San Diego offers so much more.  It’s a day spent exploring the mysteries of the ocean and connecting with sea creatures through a nice balance of activities.  There are shows with live animals to watch; exhibits with live animals to see, and in some cases, to touch; and thrill rides, both actual and virtual.  It’s entertaining and educational for the entire family.
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Russian Tea Room NYC Coupons

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Russian Tea Room Main Dining

Image Courtesy of Russian Tea Room

Grand.  Glitzy.  Old World Glamor.  Lunch or Dinner in the Russian Tea Room, founded in 1927 by members of the Russian Imperial Ballet, is a dining experience right out of New York City’s celebrated Gilded Age.  A time of elegance, wealth and culture, restaurants were places where the city’s influential cultural, business and political elite gathered for evening-long dining, drinking, socializing and entertainment.  They were glamorous places to see and be seen.  Located near the cultural touchstone Carnegie Hall, The Russian Tea Room was, and still is, one of these.
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Catalina Island Ferry Coupons

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Catalina Island Ferry in the Harbor

Image Courtesy of Catalina Express

Set aside a full day for the Catalina Island Day Trip and use the special coupon at the end of this article.  You’ll be glad you did.

My island adventure, which I took with friends, began with an early morning shuttle ride, provided by Southern California Gray Line, from our hotel to Long Beach Harbor.  We arrived in ample time to board the sleek Catalina Express and get comfortably situated for the 9:45am departure.  While there is inside seating, it was a nice day so we opted for outside upper deck seating for the 1-hour ferry ride.  Skimming across the open water of Catalina Channel on the fast, smooth 22-mile ride was a thrill!  As the rocky cliff outcroppings plunging down into the aquamarine waters came into view, excitement grew.

The island is a world apart from the bustle and bling of the mainland.  Crystalline waters, breath-taking scenery and the quaint charm of Avalon, the island’s only “city,” make this a sought-after destination.  It’s busy, but not congested.  There’s plenty of open space to spread out as 89% of the island is protected, thereby retaining its natural beauty.
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Hornblower Cruises San Francisco Discount Coupons

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Hornblower Cruise in San Francisco Bay

Image Courtesy of Hornblower Cruises

Don’t leave San Francisco without cruising majestic San Francisco Bay.  It will be an experience to remember on a Hornblower Champagne Brunch or Dining Cruise where panoramic views of legendary San Francisco landmarks are spectacular, the gourmet cuisine is delicious, and the luxurious ambiance is delightful.
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Hornblower Cruises San Diego Discount Coupons

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Hornblower Cruises in San Diego Harbor

Image Courtesy of Hornblower Cruises

Hornblower San Diego Brunch and Dining Cruises are much more than just a meal.  They are three experiences wrapped in one – gourmet dining, a cruising adventure on San Diego Bay aboard a luxury yacht, and panoramic views of San Diego’s distinctive shoreline.

Savor, see, experience the brunch or dinner cruise of your choice using the Coupon Codes listed below.
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Presidential Sites – Places of Politics, Policies and Legacies

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As the end of this contentious, seemingly never-ending, presidential election year nears, one wonders what drives these particular Americans to seek the presidency. Who are they, and why do they run? They are, after all, Everyman.

For insight, look no further than to those who have come before them.  Visit a Presidential Historic Site.  What you’ll find depends on the era, and the president. All former presidents have at least one, with the exception of Zachary Taylor, who has none. Abraham Lincoln has six, the most by far.

A presidential site can be a birthplace, homestead, residence, museum, or library.  Some are thought-provoking in their sheer simplicity; others are Disney-esque complexes designed to dazzle and engage through multimedia presentations, interactive displays, and full-size replicas of Oval Offices. One even has a real Air Force One! Some are cold; others vibrant. Regardless of style, they are a snapshot of the American presidency at a moment in time and provide a sense of the individuals who aspired to, and reached, the pinnacle of power.

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