How To Experience The History Of New Orleans On Vacation

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History in New Orleans

Once Spanish and French before it was American, New Orleans is one of the continent’s oldest ports and surrounded by shadowy Mississippi delta bayous.  It’s a city different from the rest of America in feeling, tempo, food and speech.  It’s a place of unique cultural diversity, everything about it hints of exotic lands, places and people blended together in a marvelously complex way. Read on for the best ways to experience the history of New Orleans on vacation.

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How to See San Francisco on a Budget

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San Francisco on a Budget

It’s not an oxymoron!  Although San Francisco is ranked as the forth most expensive destination in the United States, there are endless ways to have a great time in this jewel of a city while staying on budget. Read on for the can’t miss attractions and sites throughout San Francisco. With a little planning, they can all fit into your budget!

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Best Places To See While Biking in San Francisco

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Biking in San Francisco

San Francisco has the perfect ingredients for a great bike ride – it’s bike friendly, has great weather (particularly in spring and fall) and has incredibly dramatic scenery.  Over 50 miles of connecting bike lanes link neighborhoods and iconic areas all around the peninsula.  The only downside, especially for the occasional biker, is that it’s hilly.  Don’t worry though, because in creating bike-friendly routes, planners have figured out how to get around those dauntingly steep hills! Biking happens to be the transportation of choice for many locals and motorists are used to sharing the road with bikers.  For people who just like to bike around wearing jeans and sneakers as well as for dedicated cyclists with great quads decked out in all the right gear, below is a list of great places see by bike in San Francisco.

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Miami Beach Bike Rental Coupon

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Miami Beach Boardwalk

Miami is a sprawling high-energy city known world over for fabulous beaches, sparkling blue skies, sunny days, bright colors, trendy places, wonderful shopping, great food, lots of glamour and a distinct international feeling.  Historically, Miami is a relatively new city, starting as a small pioneer settlement in the mid 1800s.  Today it spreads from the Atlantic Ocean to the Everglades. Miami has a thriving downtown whose towering steel and glass office buildings glittering in the sun are headquarters for international and national businesses. For being so close to the beach, t’s primarily a business district, not one filled with tourists sites. However, once outside of downtown, Miami has interesting, colorful neighborhoods and areas stretching along Miami’s coastal ridge, along Biscayne Bay or the Atlantic Ocean.

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New York City Museums To Visit On Vacation

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Manhattan Skyline New York

New York City is rich with museums.  It has some of the world’s finest, whose vast collections and global reputations draw in lines of visitors every day.  It also has an incredible array of museums whose collections are more specialized and focused as well as some interesting ones which are a bit off the tourist radar.  This comprehensive guide covers a widely diverse representation of museums in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx that you should consider visiting while on vacation.

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Complete Guide To Theme Parks In Southern California

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Ferris Wheel

Southern California, or SoCal, stretches from north of Los Angles to San Diego and points south.  It’s a popular vacation destination for its wonderful climate, miles of dramatic coastline, endless stretches of great beaches, mountains ranges, giant redwood forests, deliciously trendy food, glitzy shopping, laid-back California attitude and family-friendly attitude. Oh, and don’t forget the long list of amazing theme parks with thrill rides galore and water fun.

Classic seaside amusement parks, then called Boardwalks, have existed along SoCal’s coast since late 1800s and early 1900s, the heydays of the gilded age.  After years of decline, they emerged in modern, high tech form both along the SoCal coast and a bit inland.  While there were others before it, Disneyland placed SoCal on the map as a global vacation destination.  Since SoCal encompasses a large geographical area, this comprehensive list begins just north of Los Angeles and works down through the Anaheim area, through Orange County, and south to San Diego.

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Things to Do Off the Strip in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas is commonly thought of as an adult-only escape rising out of the desert. The famous Las Vegas Strip is packed with casinos and lavishly themed mega hotels. Fabulous live performances by top entertainers, wedding chapels, free-flowing booze, glitz, glamour, mile-long buffet bars and neon light shows round out the reputation.  However, what many may not know if that Las Vegas has much more to offer. Take a journey off the Strip to experience these lesser known attractions.

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Holiday Events at the California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences

Photo Courtesy of the California Academy of Sciences


It might not be snowing in San Francisco, but there’s a winter wonderland to explore at the California Academy of Sciences! This all-encompassing attraction houses an aquarium, planetarium and natural history museum all in one place. Step inside and revel in the wonder of ’Tis the Season for Science, the Academy’s annual holiday exhibit showcasing the science behind the festive season. The Academy has fully decked the halls with snow flurries, caroling and live entertainment. Get into the holiday spirit with these family-friendly activities that will leave everyone with lasting memories.
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Key Biscayne Bike Tour Coupon

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Couple Biking on Key Biscayne

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This tour covers a lot of ground – 32 beautiful miles of it.  And, while the length and navigating through urban traffic makes it for experienced bikers only, it’s a safe, easy ride over flat terrain.  An engaging, well-informed tour guide leads the pack with ease and confidence, pointing out sights along the way and pulling over often in interesting places.
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Key West Museums You Must Visit On Vacation

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Key West Southernmost Point

Rather than being repositories of great works of art or world-class collections of artifacts, Key West museums, just like the eccentric island itself, are diverse, unusual, and intriguing. By global standards, their holdings are not impressive, however, they are places of multiple layers, each reflecting the colorful history and past of the island. The house museums, Ernest Hemingway Home, Truman Little White House, Audubon House, for example, are important on two counts: as historic buildings and for their associations with the legendary figures who resided or visited. The Customs House, East Martello Museum, Mel Fisher Museum, Lighthouse Museum too, each important historical structures in their own right also house interesting and diverse exhibits.
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