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Complete List of Chicago Tour Coupons

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Chicago Lakefront Skyline

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Chicago, one of America’s greatest cities, has it all – awesome architecture, skyscrapers jutting up towards the sky, a long lakefront bordered with expansive people-friendly parks, impressive outdoor art installations, a meandering river snaking through it, and a vast array of things to see and do.

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Things To Do During Your First Visit To Chicago

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Chicago Theatre

Awesome architecture, skyscrapers with forever vistas, world-class museums, Lake Michigan shoreline, a plethora of parks, impressive outdoor art installations, wonderful shopping, great restaurants – Chicago, the 3rd largest city in the U.S., has it all.

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How To See Chicago In 2 Days

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Chicago River Skyline

Chicago has it all – Awesome architecture, skyscrapers with fabulous vistas; world-class museums, theater, expansive parks, impressive outdoor art installations; fabulous food, wonderful shopping; a long lakefront bordering it, a meandering river snaking through it.

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Best Attractions in Chicago To Visit On Vacation

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Chicago Trusted Tours

Museum of Science and Industry
Expect a magical, out of this world/in this world experience with a huge Wow! factor.  As one of the largest science museums in the world it lives up to its mission of captivating and compelling young minds in the sciences, technology, medicine and engineering.  While geared towards kids, everything is attention-grabbing for all ages and all interests. It’s an exciting place to spend a day, exploring, experiencing, asking why and figuring out how.  Exhibits run the gamut – trains, planes, space travel, storms, human development, farm technology.  Watch toys being made by robots on an assembly line; startle at lightening-like sparks of the Tesla coil; marvel at the technology behind Apollo 8; find out what creates a tornado or a tsunami; see how chicks hatch; learn about the great train story; see how flight evolved.  Go deep into a coal mine, ride in a flight simulator (unless motion-sickness prone), get inside legendary U-505 submarine, get lost in a mirror maze, become a hamster on a circular run;  watch action-packed Omnimax movies.  A must see for kids, it’s always busy, and excitement runs high!  Tips:  Action exhibits, which kids want to do, cost extra. Plan ahead. Check out which require an extra fee and purchase those ahead.  CityPass offers general admission at a lower price and includes an Omnimax show. Arrive early, spend the day, and expect lines.

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Go Chicago Card Coupons

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Chicago Skyline at Night From Lake Michigan

Go Chicago Card has it all: a great selection of Chicago’s must see attractions, super savings, and VIP access, bypassing those forever long lines.  Travelling alone, with family, in a group, this is the way to go! See it all, do it all.  Cheaper. Faster. Better.

Depending on length of stay, there are 3 card options ranging from 1-3 days. All have the same 25 great choices covering a wide range of fun and interesting experiences.  With each pass, see as many as you like, once per day.

Here’s another advantage:  Go Chicago Cards are super convenient for vacation planning, especially for families and for friends traveling together.  The challenge in traveling with a group is how to accommodate everyone’s interests. Save the grumbling with a Go Chicago Card.  Everyone receives an individual card allowing for flexibility and more vacation fun.  Pick and choose who wants to do what and split up into smaller groups.  This works really well with kids of different ages – one adult can accompany little ones; another can accompany older ones.  At the end of the day, everyone is happy and the fun continues as experiences are shared.

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