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Things to Do Off the Strip in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas is commonly thought of as an adult-only escape rising out of the desert. The famous Las Vegas Strip is packed with casinos and lavishly themed mega hotels. Fabulous live performances by top entertainers, wedding chapels, free-flowing booze, glitz, glamour, mile-long buffet bars and neon light shows round out the reputation.  However, what many may not know if that Las Vegas has much more to offer. Take a journey off the Strip to experience these lesser known attractions.

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Big Bus Las Vegas Tour Coupons

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Big Bus Tours in Front of Luxor Hotel

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Las Vegas – The Great Escape.  The make-believe Wonder of the World!  Being there, particularly along the Strip, is like being on a huge Hollywood movie set.  Everything is over-sized, over-done, grand, fabulous.  It’s also hectic, mind-blowing, overwhelming. A lot of people walk the Strip but, it’s much longer than expected. The sheer size of hotels, where so much action is, spaces them far apart.

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Family Things to Do in Las Vegas

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new-westrim-joshuaLas Vegas is known for its world-class shopping, dining and attractions. When visiting the “City that Never Sleeps,” consider these top 10 family friendly destinations.




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Las Vegas Horseback Ride Coupon

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breakfastrideMaverick Horseback Breakfast Ride
The Maverick Horseback Breakfast Ride is one of the best reasons to get up early while you are on vacation in Las Vegas. Wranglers greet guests at select locations and then transport them to a working ranch just a few minutes away from the city. Before you set out for the morning ride, you will enjoy the peace and tranquility as you feast on a hearty cowboy breakfast. The menu includes pancakes, eggs, hash browns, a choice of breakfast meat, orange juice and coffee. Vegetarian meals are available upon request. Knowledgeable guides will help you select the right mount based upon your equestrian skills and weight. No previous riding experience is required. The horses are very sociable and disciplined.

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Spanish Trail Horseback Lunch Ride Coupon

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lunchrideExperience the nomadic era of the Wild West as you ride the remnants of the Old Spanish Trail on the Spanish Trail Horseback Lunch Ride Coupon. After a short drive from your Las Vegas hotel, ranch hands will help you select a trusty steed for the excursion. These good-natured animals are perfect for everyone, regardless of previous riding experience. Once your horse is ready, you will climb into the saddle for an amazing journey across the colorful countryside carved by time, wind and rain. You will travel over some of the same land that settlers traversed in wagon trains as they headed west in search of a better life. The backcountry also served as a haven for bandits who tried to outrun the law. Stretching at one time from Santa Fe to the historic district in Los Angeles, the trail was a popular route in the mid-19th century. The scenic tour of Red Rock Canyon National Park and the Moapa Valley takes approximately one hour. During this excursion, you will see Joshua trees, roadrunners, jackrabbits and big horn sheep as you listen to experienced trail guides share interesting facts and stories. You will have ample opportunities for capturing the spectacular views on camera.

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