First Time In Key West Vacation Guide

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Dry Tortugas Beaches

It’s never a dull moment in Key West – it is truly one of a kind. This tiny, 2 x 4 mile sub-tropical island dangling like a charm at the end of the Florida Keys chain is a great escape. Surrounded by crystal clear water, Key West is not a made-up fantasy island just for tourists. It’s a quaint, colorful, quirky historic town, where locals, called Conchs, trace their multi-generational heritage back to the Bahamas and Cuba. Rich history, street after street of quaint, colorful cottages, tangles of tropical foliage leaning in over small lanes, this laid-back island is a place of multiple interesting layers, a magnet to artists, writers, and free spirited thinkers of all kinds.

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Vacation Guide For Miami First Time Visitors

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Miami Skyline

Miami: the young, vibrant, multicultural, tropical city where the sun glints off everything from trees, water, glass buildings. It explodes with color. It’s a place of the senses. It’s a sprawling city made of a patchwork of diverse neighborhoods, stretching from Biscayne Bay on the east to the Everglades on the west.
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Rainy Day Activities in Key West

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Rainy Day Key West Southernmost Bouy

The one thing about rain in Key West is that it rarely lasts for more than a day, unless a pesky tropical low in the middle of summer decides to hang overhead. However, rain or shine, there are plenty of things to do out of the elements! The only rainy day challenge is getting around the island and from one indoor activity to another without getting a bit wet. On the bright side, everything in Key West is close together, so it’s a short dash from one point of interest to the next.
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How To See San Francisco in 2 Days

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Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco

Our guide will show you how you can get around San Francisco in 2 Days using Big Bus while also receiving discounted admission to the most popular experiences with CityPass.
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Miami To Key West Day Trip Itinerary

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Southernmost Point Bouy

For a real taste of the tropics, a day trip from Miami to Key West is the ticket. Key West is the ultimate destination, and getting there is only half the fun. It’s a long way down the Keys island chain, 100+ miles to Key West at the very end, with a lot to see along the way. In the cool comfort of a state of the art motorcoach, it’s easy to sit back and let someone else do the driving. Once out of fast-track Miami, mile marker by mile marker, the ride is a wonderful change of pace. Visually, the Florida Keys looks and feels different. The day is brighter as the water sparkles in shades of turquoise and views from the bridges (42 of them) are spectacular. Island by island the architectural style changes from Miami trendy to colorful island funk.
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Fun Rainy Day Activities in San Francisco

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San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

When fog rolls in and stays or when rain keeps coming down in San Francisco, there’s no need to feel gloomy or succumb to cabin fever. It’s the perfect time to take advantage of having a day to spend exploring the city’s many, varied, great indoor attractions and museums. Put on raingear, wear comfortable shoes, grab your umbrella and be prepared for a great time. Here’s a list of rainy/foggy day activities:
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Fun Rainy Day Activities in Tampa

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10 Rainy Day Activities in Tampa

While the weather in Tampa is usually sunny, it does rain every now and then. And, on a hot and humid summer day, it’s good to have some indoor plans in cool air-conditioned comfort. Tampa has a nice selection of museums and attractions clustered together in distinct areas. Getting from one area to another is easily done by car. Or, to get to three of Tampa’s districts with indoor things to do – Downtown, Channelside, and Ybor City – park the car and hop on the TECO Trolley using their reasonable all day pass. It’s a fun, convenient ride.
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Complete Guide to the French Quarter

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French Quarter Night Life

The French Quarter, an ancient yet ageless 13-block long neighborhood is the heart of a fascinating city, New Orleans. A place of myth and mystique, which has seen everything and survived much, it packs in more sensory experiences than any other city in America. A place that never sleeps, Vieux Carré reveals much behind her glittery mask. Cracked stucco walls, overhanging balconies, hidden gardens, secret courtyards hint of times past.
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How To See Chicago In 2 Days

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Chicago River Skyline

Chicago has it all – Awesome architecture, skyscrapers with fabulous vistas; world-class museums, theater, expansive parks, impressive outdoor art installations; fabulous food, wonderful shopping; a long lakefront bordering it, a meandering river snaking through it.
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Most Unique Things You Can Only Find in NYC

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Manhattan Skyline New York

While other major world cities claim bragging rights to” bigger, better, bests,” NYC is tough to beat. It’s the center of global commerce and culture, and it stands as a symbol of American ingenuity, inclusiveness and resilience. A favored and often first U.S. destination of visitors from all over the globe, NYC is in the minds of many Americans. 
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