Family-Friendly Ideas For 2 Days In Vegas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas – The Ultimate Escape. Over-the-top, glitzy and glamorous, make-believe Wonder of the World. One after the other along The Strip, grand hotels, over-size, over-done and outrageously expansive architectural phenoms, strive to out-fabulous the other. Neon blinks and glows everywhere, fountains dance to music, volcanoes erupt. Sharks swim in aquariums, gondolas cruise the Grand Canal. And everywhere, casinos, casinos, casinos; shows, shows, shows.

A lot of people walk The Strip and love it but, it’s longer than you think – 4.2 mi. from Sahara Ave at the north end to Russel Road at the south end. There’s more walking than that, as once you get to a destination you have to walk through acres of things to see and do. The best way to see the most in 2 days and save walking for exploring the sights, not getting there, is on Big Bus.

On Big Bus, sit back above the crowd. Viewing the opulent grandness from the open top deck of the double-decker Big Bus is great. Interesting narration by guides, who point everything out along the way, covers all the hot spots. See something interesting to explore? Hop-off at the closest of the many stops along the loop to join the dizzying street-level crowd at for the full experience. When done, hop back on the next arriving Big Bus and tour on.

Big Bus takes you to both The Strip and Downtown, or Old Las Vegas, where this extravaganza began.


Big Bus Tours Las Vegas

On your first day, take in the never-ending spectacle of The Strip. The massive signature hotels have more than casinos and star-studded shows. On their vast properties are shops, restaurants and attractions. There are also other attractions and fun places separate from the mega hotels. As a point of reference, the list below begins at the south end of The Strip, just beyond the iconic Welcome To Las Vegas sign. While riding Big Bus, hop off at the stop closest to the attractions you want to see.

Sharks swimming overhead in two underwater tunnels under the 1.3 million gallon main tank in Shark and Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay is a thrill! Sharks are not the only fish in this sea! Some of the other 2000 animals include sawfish, giant rays, jellyfish, piranha, golden crocodiles and endangered green turtles. Experience Sea Monsters Revealed, the world’s largest exhibit of uniquely preserved sea creatures.

The Titanic Exhibit inside the Luxor Hotel is compelling. Over 250 artifacts recovered from the wreck site of the Titanic, the luxury ocean-liner that sank in 1912, have an emotional impact. There’s also a piece of the luxury liner’s hull and full-scale recreations of the Grand Staircase and the Promenade Deck. Walk her deck, peer into her cabins, meet her passengers and crew. Experiencing the tragic sinking is fascinating.

The iconic dancing Fountains of Bellagio put on an amazing show every 30 minutes from 3pm-8pm on weekdays and more often on weekends, 8-midnight. Watching more than 1000 fountains spray up to 450 feet in the air choreographed to music is awesome.

High Roller at the LINQ

Go on the High Roller, the largest observation wheel in the world, at the LINQ. Enclosed, climate-controlled pods make it a spectacular ride, 550 feet above The Strip, day or night. The views of the city in the desert, light shimmering off glass buildings and neon lights blinking bright, is breathtaking. Audio tours are timed to point out landmarks as they appear. The High Roller is not the only thing to do at LINQ. A promenade lined with bars, shops and restaurants is a fun place to spend time.

For a sensory pyrotechnic experience, the Mirage Volcano at 7pm and 8pm weekdays, and more frequently on Friday and Saturday, is where to find it. The spectacle of fireballs randomly appearing, water cannons spouting and percussion music booming is a wild experience.

For a calming change of place, take a Gondola Ride through canals winding along Las Vegas Blvd. outside the Venetian Hotel or inside under bridges and past coffee shops inside the Hotel.

A visit to Stratosphere Observation Deck, on the 1,149 ft-tall Vegas Resort Tower, the tallest, freestanding observation tower in the US, is an exciting place with phenomenal views either indoor or outdoor observation decks. Check out the thrill rides.

Everyone wants to know about Vegas wedding chapels, where over 120,000 people a year are married. On The Strip, just beyond the Stratosphere Observation Deck, are two well-known chapels, the Little White Chapel and Chapel of the Flowers. If is a wedding is not taking place inside, you might be able to peek in. Otherwise, take a selfie standing in front of the chapel.


Downtown is a great place to begin your 2nd day in Vegas. Going down legendary Fremont St., Big Bus tour guides recount how the gambling town rose from the desert.

Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, of History Channel’s Pawn Stars fame, is a fave. Located in one of the oldest buildings in Downtown, is one of the top non-gaming attractions in Vegas. It’s a fascinating place filled with unique and unusual memorabilia. Browse for interesting finds. Pawn Stars, Rick, Chumlee, and Corey occasionally get out on the shop floor for impromptu meet and greets. Also check out shops, dining and nightlife in Rick Harrison’s Pawn Plaza next door. Rick and Chumlee often hang out there at various times most weeks or in Rick’s Rollin Smoke BBQ and Tavern on Friday and Saturday nights.

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas’ man-made version of NYC’s Times Square, is a 5 block, pedestrian-only entertainment district with over-the-top attractions. A huge, not-to-be-believed, video screen with LED lights and booming music sets the only-in-Vegas tone. The Slot Zipline really does take off from a slot machine! And Zombiemaze is exactly beyond your imagination.

Everyone has some knowledge that Las Vegas, rising from the desert as the global capital of gambling and entertainment, was built by gamblers and the Mob. In the fascinating Mob Museum, this is just part of the story of organized crime. The compelling museum not only delves into 20th century organized crime, its interesting, interactive exhibits detail global organized crime of today – cyber-crime, crime syndicates, human trafficking, illegal poaching of endangered species and more. The intriguing museum exposes the global realities and explains how law enforcement is fighting back.

Neon signs are synonymous with Las Vegas. North of Downtown, the Neon Museum is unusual and nostalgic. The Boneyard in this outdoor museum is stacked with more than 200 vintage outdoor neon signs. Seeing the signs, a few of which have been restored and presented as art installations, on the 1-hour guided tour is a unique way to hear about The Strip’s history. Others can be seen in the Neon Boneyard North Gallery on a self-guided tour.