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Atlanta, GA Visitor Information

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Atlanta, Georgia is a city of contrasts. Sophisticated and simple, intense and laid back, satisfied and restless. Visiting there is like having to taste a hundred excellent dishes in one meal. Which is best? How do you decide? It’s better just to dive right in.

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Atlanta, the city, started as a railroad crossing in 1837. Transportation and commerce would forever define its economic success. Just prior to the Civil War, the city grew hard and fast mushrooming out of the Piedmont as a frontier town. All the vices and virtues of frontier living were alive and well in Atlanta at that time. The Civil War soon had an enduring impact on this rough and tumble place, changing it forever as General Sherman made his march to the Sea with the town smoldering in ruins. Only a few hundred buildings survived the devastation. Within five years, the town was rebuilt and the population doubled. Atlanta was on its way.

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Top 10 Family Things To Do In Atlanta

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historycenter1Atlanta gained worldwide fame as the host city for the 1996 Summer Olympics. Consider these top 10 family things to do when visiting The Big Peach.

  1. Zoo Atlanta is home to more than 1,500 animals. Located in historic Grant Park, the zoo has enclosures that simulate the conditions found in their native habitats. Visitors can observe gorillas, orangutans, clouded leopards, pygmy rattlesnakes, sun bears and giant pandas. Zoo Atlanta sponsors a variety of family friendly activities.
  2. Georgia Aquarium, located downtown, is the largest aquarium in the world. In addition to its aquatic displays, the facility sponsors family sleepovers, behind-the-scenes tours and other daily activities designed to captivate the minds of children. Visitors will see dolphins, penguins and a wide a variety of tropical fish as well as many other species of marine life.

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Medieval Times Atlanta Coupons and Review

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The most popular and longest-running dinner attraction in North America is Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. Guests are invited to experience a delightful evening of family entertainment originally inspired by history of the 11th century. During your dinner experience, you will witness live swordplay, jousting, falconry, and horsemanship. You will be transported back in time and may even find yourself cheering for one of the Knights of the Realm as you feast on a decadent four-course banquet served in authentic medieval style.

Your visitor experience will begin as you enter a complex designed to completely reflect a European castle from the 11th century. Walk past the Hall of Arms and admire the medieval artifacts on display, including coats of arms from prestigious families and an impressive collection of medieval weaponry. The Museum of Torture details the various forms of punishment used during the Middle Ages.

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A Knight with a Show: Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament (Georgia)

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If you are looking for something for your family to do on a free night, have you ever considered watching knights joust for the hand of a fair maiden? Evil wizards trying to bring down the King’s reign? A feast made for kings? If this sounds like the kind of excitement you are looking for, then you need to go to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament.

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Stone Mountain Coupons and Review

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Laser Light Show at Stone Mountain ParkStone Mountain Park, situated in the Atlanta, Georgia region, is a 3,000-acre recreational area that is a favored vacation spot. It highlights both natural setting and a variety of events for the entire family. Activities are plentiful at Stone Mountain. Visitors can walk on the walk up trail that is 1.3 miles to the top of Stone Mountain. At the top, view scenes of the Atlanta area. Ride the Sky Ride to the peak of Stone Mountain to view the carving of Confederate soldiers on Stone Mountain. Board the train for a scenic ride around the base of the mountain. the Plantation with buildings constructed from 1790 and 1845 to see Mississippi River boat The train is one-way loop with two stops-the depot and a stop near the walk up trail. Sail aboard the Mississippi Riverboat on the Stone Mountain Lake. Tour the Antebellum plantation that has buildings built between 1790 and 1845, providing a display of a pre-Civil War farm. Visit the Confederate Hall, a museum that displays the geologic structure of Stone Mountain Park as well as Civil War history in Georgia. Finish the day with the laser light show.

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