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  • Most Scenic Views Of San Diego

    San Diego’s scenic coastline and inland views venues are spectacular. Whether accessed by foot, car, trolley or boat, dramatic vistas are everywhere.

  • Honolulu Scenic Views

    The dramatic beauty of the Hawaiian Islands landscape is epic. Through the islands that make up the unique archipelago, scenic views are spectacular. Along the coastline of Oahu, the most popular island and the location of Honolulu, jagged cliffs punching down into the sea, expansive crescent-curved beaches and crystal clear water are awesome.  In addition to…

  • How To Choose the Best San Diego Cruise

    In San Diego, it doesn’t take much convincing to get out on the water. Glorious weather and a big blue bay stretching along the expansive, curving waterfront and out to the Pacific Ocean just beyond, make it irresistible. A large number of boating tours and cruises make it easy to for everyone to enjoy the…

  • San Francisco Scenic Views

    San Francisco has spectacular scenic views, and they are everywhere. The city’s location at the northern tip of a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay, hilly topography, rugged windswept coastline, magnificent parks, huge bay, expansive bay front, eclectic neighborhoods, pastel-colored houses tightly packed together in ascending layers, and magical stairways offer unparalleled…

  • Best Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Memphis

    Best Things To Do On A Rainy Day In Memphis

    Chase away those rainy day blues by taking your pick from these favorites: Memphis Discovery Tour.  Spend three interesting hours on a bit-of-everything-Memphis tour .  The narrated part history, part attraction hopping and part tasting the best Memphis BBQ tour is a great way to spend a rainy morning.  See sights you may not otherwise see. …

  • Savannah Outdoor Activities For Your Vacation

    Savannah’s lovely historic homes and house museums get all the attention.  Equally compelling is the natural beauty of the picturesque city and surrounding Georgia coastal area. You don’t have to go far to experience it. It’s all around. On land or waterways, there are memorable outdoor attractions in the historic district, within close proximity to…

  • Best Outdoor Activities To Do In Nashville On Vacation

    Known for its dynamic music scene and as a touchstone of Country Music, Nashville also has another side.   Surrounded by rolling hills, rivers and parks, it offers a lot to do outdoors. When visiting Nashville spring, summer or fall, plan to get out to some of these outdoor venues, all within a 30 mile radius…

  • Top 10 Key West Shore Excursions

    Tiny, eclectic Key West had loads of great shore excursions.  The quaint 2×4 mile sub-tropical island surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water, has a laid-back Caribbean feel, a rich history and streets and lanes lined with gingerbread cottages draped in tropical foliage.

  • Chicago Scenic Views

    Chicago is one of the most scenic cities in the U.S.  It’s easy to see why.  It’s a city of skyscrapers with forever vistas, a picturesque Lake Michigan shoreline, a river lined with architectural masterpieces, expansive lakefront parks with impressive outdoor art installations, and picturesque lakeside walking and biking trails.

  • The Most Scenic Views in Washington, D.C.

    Washington, D.C. is visually beautiful.  Open spaces, manicured parks, grand avenues converging at landscaped circles and exceptional architecture fill America’s capital with endless scenic views.

  • Jacksonville To Savannah Day Trip

      There’s a shorter way and a longer way to get to Savannah from Jacksonville. To go straight to Savannah to begin sightseeing as tours and attractions in the historic district begin open, take the shorter, 2-hour drive up I-95.  It’s typical interstate scenery – cars going by.  To take the picturesque longer route through…

  • Rainy Day Activities In Washington D.C.

      Washington DC is the place to be on a rainy day.  You could spend an entire rainy day exploring just one of the immense and compelling world-class museums in America’s capital. The selections below, clustered by area to keep you dry by minimizing travel, appeal to a wide range of interests.

  • Baltimore To Washington DC Day Trip

      When vacationing in Baltimore plan to spend a day in Washington DC, only about an hour drive away. America’s capital is a beautiful city filled with significant sites. Iconic touchstones of democracy, amazing museums exhibiting the nation’s treasures, moving monuments and memorials and statue-filled parks tell America’s story. With so much to see, plan…

  • 10 Best Miami Shore Excursions

    10 Best Miami Shore Excursions

    Dynamic, multicultural Miami is a great place for shore excursions. Located between the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay and the mysterious Everglades, it’s a colorful, tropical city. It has a trendy vibe, interesting history, architecture and outdoor art, A-list nightspots, restaurants serving international cuisine and fabulous shopping.

  • Orlando To St. Augustine Day Trip

    Separated by a 2+ hour drive, Orlando and St. Augustine are worlds apart. Sprawling Orlando grew around the magic of Disney. Tiny St. Augustine has been a continuous community since it was settled by Spanish explorers in 1565. Spectacular attractions at Disney World and other venues are an escape into never-never land.  Ancient forts, brick…

  • Top 10 Boston Shore Excursions

    An important factor in selecting a cruise ship itinerary is the interesting shore excursions offered at the ship’s ports of call.  The diversity and number of Boston’s shore excursions make it a popular port of call on Canada/New England cruises. There is something for every interest. See the wonderfully restored collection of colonial-era historic sites…

  • Best Rainy Day Activities In Nashville

    When visiting Nashville, there is no need to be disappointed if the weather forecast calls for rain. It’s your chance to experience history and visual arts museums, go to performances, visit attractions and music venues you might otherwise miss.

  • Top 10 Nashville at Night Attractions

    Nashville is a city in which creativity thrives.  Not only is it the epicenter of country music, it has evolved into a place where music of all genres is created, recorded and performed.  It is a natural draw for musical artists and songwriters and for talented people in other areas of performing  and visual arts.

  • Vacation Guide to Historic Philadelphia

    Philadelphia,  a city where the foundations that govern America to this day were established, is a memorable experience for both young and older travelers and especially history-buffs.  Being able to visit the places where the founding fathers met to discuss, debate and carefully craft the documents that led to the birth of America is awesome.

  • Essential Nashville Attractions for Music Lovers

    Music is the heart and soul of Nashville. Its all-encompassing music vibe makes it the ultimate vacation destination for music lovers. As the epicenter of traditional and contemporary country music, music is everywhere. Singer-songwriters create it; musical artists play it; recording centers produce it. Museums honor it; legendary auditoriums and huge outdoor concert venues celebrate…

  • How To See Tampa in 2 Days

    Tampa is one of three cities surrounding vast Tampa Bay. The others are St. Petersburg and Clearwater, a short drive across major bridges spanning the bay.  Depending on your interests on a 2-day day visit to the Tampa, you can spend it all in Tampa or mix it up a bit on the second day by…

  • How To See Charleston In 2 Days

    Charleston is a charming, architecturally picturesque city filled with a treasure trove of magnificent antebellum homes, beautifully preserved churches and public buildings and hidden gardens down cobblestone lanes.  Founded in 1670, it is one of America’s oldest cities.  Most of its beautifully restored homes and buildings are in the Historic District, on what is known…

  • How To See Memphis in 2 Days

    Enjoy a two day Memphis vacation by experiencing the history, cultural richness and music of the city shaped by its location on the Mississippi River. Memphis started out as a supply hub for river workers and settlers making the difficult westward journey.  By 1840, cotton growing and trading in Memphis had grown to such an…

  • See LA with Go Los Angeles Card

    Visit popular LA attractions and save money doing it with a Go Los Angeles Card! Pick from over 30 great choices and pay one low price instead of standing in line to pay top dollar at each gate. Attractions and museums in Go Card include faves LEGOLAND California, Madam Tussaud’s, and Knott’s Berry Farm, plus…

  • Inner Harbor Baltimore Travel Guide

    Stretching out along Chesapeake Bay, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is an exciting place to visit, with enough to do for an entire vacation itinerary. It’s the happening place for history buffs, art enthusiasts, foodies, families and anyone who enjoys being around the water.

  • Best Things To Do Near San Diego On Vacation

    You don’t have to go far from San Diego to find a variety attractions in diverse locations. From dramatic Pacific coastline views, to National Parks and balmy desert hotspots, in Southern California you’re always near a unique adventure to experience on vacation.

  • Complete Guide to Exploring Mount Jacinto State Park

    You’re in for a breathtaking experience at the end of a spectacular aerial tram ride from Palm Springs to San Jacinto State Park, 6000 feet above sea level. A pristine wilderness of 14,000 acres of alpine forests, mountain meadows, craggy granite peaks averaging 10,000 feet in elevation, and San Jacinto Peak, an up-thrust of weathered…