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Locals Guide To Visiting Boston on a Budget

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Boston Street

The great thing about Boston is that as rich in the early American history as it is with many wonderful places to visit and things to see, a lot of it can be done on a shoestring budget. Many historic sites, special gardens, libraries, museums or breweries can be experienced either free of charge, for a small suggested donation, or at a discount on selected evenings. Getting around Boston is not only easy, it’s cheap too.

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Ultimate Guide To Summer in Boston

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Boston in the Summer Trusted Tours

After a long winter of hibernation, summertime in Boston calls for the city to open up to the outdoors. Winter layers are shed, on come shorts, tank tops and flip flops, and Bostonians embrace summer outdoors with no let up all summer long.

Cafes and restaurants open up their sidewalk seating; farmers markets abound; rooftop gardens flourish. In Boston neighborhoods, residents come out of their winter cocoons and walk, bike or skate everywhere; lively feasts and festivals fill the streets; garden tours happen; the scent of BBQ fills the air. Cultural attractions come alive with summer events; the sound of outdoor concerts fills the air; nightlife takes on a lighter vibe. Ferries, sailboats, yachts crisscross busily around Boston Harbor; sailors, skullers and amphibious Ducks share the Charles River.  Red Sox games sell; bikers pedal by in neon blurs; beaches fill; Frisbees fly.  The vibrant arts community comes alive with weekend art shows; Shakespeare is back on Boston Common.

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Top 10 Boston Historic Sites To Visit On Vacation

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Paul Revere House Boston

There is no better place in America than Boston to experience the richness of America’ journey from a diverse group of British colonies to independent nation.  In this walkable city, significant and carefully preserved colonial-era sites are clustered were the city took root – downtown close to the harbor, and in the North End. It is through these sites that the story of America’s founding is told.

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Top 10 Boston Attractions To Visit on Vacation

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Boston Tea Party Museum and Skyline

The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
A compelling, historically accurate portrayal of the Boston Tea Party, the act of colonial rebellion that took place on December 16, 1773, propelling the colonies towards the American Revolution, takes place daily.  The hour long experience, occurring throughout the day, is a must do. It has it all – high-spirited costumed actors portraying real Bostonians involved in the decisions and acts that led to the event, action and audience participation. Full-sized replica 18th century sailing vessels are boarded and explored, an experience counterbalanced by exhibits using 21st century technology and a moving film.  On view: one of only two tea chests known to have survived that fateful night. As the tour moves through 3 different settings, visitors are transformed into 18th century patriots, donning feathers and storming down to Griffin’s Wharf to “Dump the Tea into the Sea!” A dramatic conclusion impacts every visitor. The tour concludes in Abigail’s Tearoom on the top level of this floating Boston museum, the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea the fabulous harbor and panoramic skyline views.

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Top 10 Outdoor Activities in Boston

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Old State House Boston

Walk the Freedom Trail
Follow the famous red line through one of the few American cities whose history dates back to the 1600s, and where so many historic sites, most from the 1700’s, have been preserved. You can walk the line on your own, but the way to go is on the Freedom Trail Walk Through History tour.  You’ll see and learn things you can’t possibly do on your own, even with GPS-guided apps. Being led through history by enthusiastic, knowledgeable guides dressed in 18th century period clothing who stay in their assumed role as a historical character throughout the tour, makes it an interesting and enjoyable experience. Through their eyes and voice, historical facts, trivia, wonderful stories delivered with accuracy and humor, come to life.  It’s the best way to really see and understand what went on in Boston in the lead up to the American Revolution. It’s a fascinating journey which begins at the Boston Common and meanders through colonial Boston where history happened.

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