Charleston Ghost Tour Coupons

Take advantage of an exclusive opportunity to journey inside the gates of one of the oldest graveyards in Charleston – after dark! You have likely heard of the city’s spooky ghost stories. Now you have the chance to personally experience those tales during an otherworldly tour that will take you where others fear to tread. Get the true history of this legendary cemetery’s past of intrigue and it’s stories of love and loss.

All other tours only take you up to the graveyard’s wrought iron fence. This exclusive tour takes you through the fence and gives you the chance to step into the shadows and explore the dark corners and secrets of the famous individuals who found their final resting place in the graveyard. This is your chance to experience Charleston in a way that no other tour offers. Inspect the headstones and discover the graveyard’s true ghostly heritage. Adventurous souls can even step across the graves-if they dare. Whether you are interested in the supernatural or you simply want to experience a memorable part of Charleston’s allure, this tour is one you won’t soon forget.

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