Charleston SC Spooktacular Ghost Tours

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Charleston, South Carolina invites you to explore back alleys, cemeteries and dungeons. Be prepared to hear chilling tales about the ghosts and spirits that haunt the nights in historic Charleston. Take a ghost tour to discover the stories of the city’s pirates, scallywags and undead. Charleston’s ships, houses, forts, dungeons and cemeteries are the centerpieces of many an eerie tale of lost love, tragic death and mysterious omens. Many guests find it difficult to distinguish between reality and their imaginations. Is there really a chill drifting from the harbor?

Curious visitors are drawn to the mystery of the unknown and the possibility of encountering a ghostly spirit. You’ll visit haunted houses as guides tell tales of Low Country superstitions, voodoo rituals and nighttime spirits, such as Boo Hags and Plateyes. Go inside the city’s oldest graveyard to see the ghost of Sue Howard still praying beside the grave of her lost child. Learn how Charleston doctors gave rise to the terms “saved by the bell” and “graveyard shift.” Step inside the tortuous dungeon and hear the saga of hardened criminals, pirates and the wrongly accused. Learn the history of Revolutionary hero Isaac Hayne and how his spirit haunted his family home for almost a hundred years. Visit the city jail, one of the world’s most haunted sites and the subject of several documentaries.

Charleston ghost tours introduce you to the mysterious world of poltergeists, ghouls and goblins that haunt the homes, public buildings and wharfs of this historic port city. Visit the “Holy City” to learn more about its unholy residents.

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