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South Carolina Aquarium Group Tickets

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childwithpiranhaThe South Carolina Aquarium is located on a wharf that extends 200 feet into the historic Charleston Harbor. More than 5 million people have toured the aquatic facility since it opened in 2000. The aquarium focuses on the watershed environment in South Carolina, including the mountain forest, Piedmont region, Atlantic Ocean, coastal plains and salt marshes.

The Great Hall has 20-foot-tall windows that provide spectacular views of the harbor. An enormous map depicting various regions in the state adorns a wall in the room. The artistic works provides visitors with a graphic representation of the geological features in each of the featured ecosystem. On the floor is another map that illustrates the coastal region between the North Carolina and Georgia borders.

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Charleston Ghost Tour Coupons

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Take advantage of an exclusive opportunity to journey inside the gates of one of the oldest graveyards in Charleston – after dark! You have likely heard of the city’s spooky ghost stories. Now you have the chance to personally experience those tales during an otherworldly tour that will take you where others fear to tread. Get the true history of this legendary cemetery’s past of intrigue and it’s stories of love and loss.

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Charleston SC Annual Events Guide

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Charleston is a highly-ranked, popular destination that hosts a wide array of events each year. Over four million visitors enjoy the beaches, history, golf, fishing and numerous annual festivals.

Visitors who want to explore the local cuisine should attend the Low Country Oyster Festival or the World Grits celebration. You’ll sample Low Country cuisine and learn the finer points about grits, the quintessential southern staple. The Southeastern Wildlife Expo is a showcase event that displays and educates people about animals native to the southeastern U.S. and their habitats. Art and music lovers will enjoy the Spoleto Festival. Seventeen spring days of music, theater and dance by well-known and emerging artists and performers. Cultural tourists will enjoy the Gullah Heritage Series that explores this separate and unique local culture. The Charleston International Antiques Show celebrates the architecture and historical culture of Charleston.

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Charleston SC Spooktacular Ghost Tours

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Charleston, South Carolina invites you to explore back alleys, cemeteries and dungeons. Be prepared to hear chilling tales about the ghosts and spirits that haunt the nights in historic Charleston. Take a ghost tour to discover the stories of the city’s pirates, scallywags and undead. Charleston’s ships, houses, forts, dungeons and cemeteries are the centerpieces of many an eerie tale of lost love, tragic death and mysterious omens. Many guests find it difficult to distinguish between reality and their imaginations. Is there really a chill drifting from the harbor?

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Charleston SC Museums

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Visitors to Charleston can spend several days touring the city’s museums and learning about the area’s history, art and culture. In the Gibbs Museum of Art, you will see a collection of European and American works of art that reflect Charleston’s history from colonial days through Porgy and Bess until modern times. The Charleston City Hall has a gallery that displays numerous works of art.

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