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The Fountain of Youth Archeological Park has been open since its purchase in 1901, by Dr. Louella Day McConnell, also known as Diamond Lil’. Seeing the benefits of what she now owned, this entrepreneur decided to begin charging people to drink from the spring found on her property. The land was used for farming and growing citrus orchards for 350 years prior to Dr. McConnell’s purchase. Before 1513, the property was a Timucua Village known as Seloy, when the now famous explorer, Ponce de Leon claimed the land for his Spanish king and renamed it La Florida. Many attempts were made to settle this area by the Spanish but none were successful until 1565 when a man by the name of Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles arrived. Inside the borders of this property formed St. Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied European settlement on the continental United States, making this park an historical attraction.

The park consists of 15 acres in St. Augustine, Florida and a large archway greets you as it passes above you during your entrance to the park. People from around the world come here to sip the famous “Fountain of Youth” waters and learn about the benefits supposedly imbued upon one who drinks them. The park also contains other attractions, such as the Shipwreck Exhibit, Indian Burial Grounds, the Navigator’s Planetarium and the Discovery Globe. People of all ages can enjoy watching and feeding the squirrels and peacocks that roam the property. There is a picnic area available so visitors can bring their own lunch. Pets are welcome and parking is free. The park is open everyday, except Christmas Day, from 9am-5pm.

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