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Hornblower Cruises in San Diego Harbor
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Hornblower San Diego Brunch and Dining Cruises are much more than just a meal.  They are three experiences wrapped in one – gourmet dining, a cruising adventure on San Diego Bay aboard a luxury yacht, and panoramic views of San Diego’s distinctive shoreline.

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This is no ordinary brunch.  It’s a special San Diego experience for adults, for children, for the entire family.

During the 2-hour Brunch Cruise, enjoy a lavish buffet featuring a broad array of delicious breakfast and lunch selections.  With wonderful food, music playing softly in the background and free-flowing champagne, you could stay there for the duration, just watching the scenic views drift by.

But, there’s so much more!  A lot is going on on the Sundeck.  Stroll the deck, basking in the year-round California sun. Listen to engaging facts and interesting stories about the sights, pointed out as they come into view by the entertaining, knowledgeable staff.  Marvel at the grand, curving Coronado Bay Bridge, gaze up at the statue of Juan Cabrillo high atop Point Loma.  Cruise right by the USS Midway; count the sails on the Star of India, unfurled like origami birds.  On the “might see if you are lucky” list: sleek fighter jets screaming in formation out over the Pacific; a mammoth aircraft carrier looming on the horizon like a layer of gray haze; California sea lions hanging out on bait pens, lazing in the sun and sliding playfully into the water.

The San Diego Brunch Cruise boards at 10:30am and cruises from 11:00am until 1:00pm on Sundays year-round and Saturdays and Sundays in the summer.

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This cruise is more than just a night on the town.  It’s a night on the water!  It’s a 3-hour dinner cruise on beautiful San Diego Bay with all the ingredients for a great time.

In the privacy of your own table, enjoy a 3-course gourmet dinner from a menu of freshly prepared selections as the ever-changing San Diego skyline sparkles in the distance.  The atmospherics: nature’s own pink and gold sunset, purple and gray dusk, silvery moonlight. The entertainment:  dance the night away to music spun by the onboard DJ or watch the moon rise.  The nightcap:  a moonlight stroll along the outer decks.

The Dinner Cruise is not just for adults.  It’s a wonderful family event too.  Children will love the idea of going out to sea on a boat for dinner.

Dinner Cruises board nightly at 6:30pm and they cruise from 7:00pm until 10:00pm.

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The elegant 3-hour Weekend Dinner Cruise is a truly memorable San Diego experience. It’s an evening of fine dining, impeccable service and spectacular, ever-changing scenery.

The magic begins with cocktails on the deck bathed in the golden hues of the setting sun. Move inside to your personal table where you are greeted by your personal server, ready to cater to your every need as you dine on gourmet cursine.  Outside, dusk transforms into night.  Music plays and the dance floor beckons.  A stroll along the deck in the soft night air reveal stars glittering overhead, city lights sparkling in the distance and a silver moonlight streaking across the Bay.

It doesn’t get better than this. It’s the perfect evening for romantics of any age.  It’s a special way to end a great vacation or to share an elegant dinner with friends.

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