The Key West Audubon House Museum Guide & Coupons

Audubon House and Tropical Gardens of Key West

If you want to see the inside of one of Key West’ s vast collection of picturesque 19th century frame houses, which add to the island’s distinct charm, a visit to the Audubon House Museum is a must.

In addition to the fine, mid-19th century furniture and antiques throughout the small, 3-story house and lovely tropical plant-filled grounds, you’ll discover interesting facts during an introductory overview by a knowledgeable guide, as well as on a self-guided tour of the small home. Although famed ornithologist and naturalist, John James Audubon, spent a short time in Key West in 1832 while cataloging and painting for his Birds of North America collection, he never stayed in the house. Historically, it’s really the Geiger House, built by a wealthy “wrecking” captain in Key West’s heyday of the mid-1800s. Some think the house is haunted.


Audubon House and Tropical Gardens of Key West

No expense was spared in building the home for Captain John Huling Geiger, on of Key West’s wealthiest residents who amassed his fortune by “wrecking,” the local industry of saving lives and salvaging cargo from merchant ships wrecked on the treacherous reefs off-shore Key West. Built between 1846 and 1849 by ship’s carpenters in the American Classic Revival style, the home offers a glimpse into the elegant lifestyle of wealthy island residents during the mid-1850s. The Geiger home remained in the family for over a century. Scheduled for demolition in 1958, it was rescued by the Mitchell Wolfson Family Foundation. Carefully restored, the Geiger home was opened in 1960 as a museum under a new name, the Audubon House.

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Audubon House and Tropical Gardens of Key West

The new name commemorates the role the island played in the discoveries made by Audubon during his short visit to Key West in 1832, while cataloging his observations through intricate wildlife painting. During his time in Key West, Audubon cataloged and painted 22 new Florida bird species – roseate spoonbills, herons, cormorants and pelicans. Exhibited in the house is a collection of Audubon’s 1st edition hand-painted lithographs of 28 birds of Florida. Audubon’s Florida bird paintings often include the tropical flowers and foliage he found in Key West. He called the Cordia tree, used as background in his drawing of the white-crowned pigeon, the “Geiger tree,” as he reportedly first saw it on the Geiger property.


The Geiger House is said to be haunted – one of many Old Town Key West homes in which strange paranormal sightings have occurred! The ghost of Captain Geiger has been spotted standing on the balcony or wandering through the garden. He is said to be guarding his fortune believed to be buried somewhere on the grounds. Others have felt paranormal energy coming from a portrait of Geiger’s daughter, Hannah. The energy emitted is one of profound sadness.

Audubon House and Tropical Gardens of Key West

Be sure to check out the adjacent Audubon House Gallery to see original antique Audubon prints, limited edition prints, other art, nautical charts, and unusual gifts.

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