Key West Helicopter Tour Coupons

The drive down Overseas Highway to Key West is beautiful, especially the views of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico seen from multiple bridges linking the island chain. At the very end lies quaint, picturesque Key West whose appeal lies in its conch cottages, tropical foliage, rich history and laid back Caribbean feel. While ground-level views of the Florida Keys and Key West are great, they reveal only part of the picture. Seeing them from the air on a helicopter is spectacular! Air Adventure Helicopter Tours offers the ultimate visual experience – narrated land and water tours all in one, from 500 feet up in the air!

It’s fun to buzz over the tiny town on the Island Tour. Spotting familiar sights from above is amazing! Spread out below in full view are Mallory Square and Duval Street, filled with people popping in and out of shops, restaurants and bars. The iconic red brick Custom House stands out as clearly as it did during the days of sail. Gleaming white cruise ships wait for their guests to re-board. Sunset Key, home of millionaires glistens in the sun; landlocked Key West Lighthouse stands as the silent sentinel of a bygone era; colorful Southernmost Point Buoy marks the proximity of Cuba; and massive Civil War-era Fort Zachary Taylor remains a symbol of the island’s strategic location.

Flying over what is commonly known as the “backcountry” on a helicopter Eco Tour is awesome! Seeing endless miles of untouched mangrove islands stretching far into the horizon and sighting sharks, dolphin, bonefish and rays cruising through the pale blue-green waters of the shallow flats is an eco-tour like none other.

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Experience both Key West and the backcountry from the air. From this perspective the realization sinks in: Key West really is a quaint little island, a mere dot in the Florida Straits surrounded by nothing but crystal clear water in varying shades of blue and teeming with wildlife.

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Sunset in Key West is a magical moment, one that reveals itself in ever-changing colors. It can be seen from places all over town, along Mallory Square during Sunset Celebration, and on sailing vessels. Raise your glass in a champagne toast from the most spectacular sunset vantage point of all: from the air! From 500 feet up on the Sunset Celebration Tour, intense sunset-drenched color touches everything. It’s in the sky, it reflects off the water, it casts a golden glow on the island’s ubiquitous tin roofs.