New England Aquarium Whale Watch Coupons

For a fun, thrilling, and educational day for anyone of any age, the New England Aquarium Whale Watch cruise in Boston is always a winning proposition. Whale sightings are guaranteed on the boats, which leave from the New England Aquarium and head about 30 miles out to sea to some of the best marine life feeding grounds in the world.

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Some of the largest species of whales on earth typically come right up to the boat and put on a spectacular show for the people aboard, surfacing for air, frolicking with whale friends, and diving back down deep and exposing their spectacular tails.

Passengers are treated to a comfortable, spacious boat with indoor and outdoor seating and up close views of some of the largest creatures on earth.

Whales aren’t always the only attraction, either. Watch boats are frequently visited by dolphins and sea birds feeding in the same areas as the whales, making for an incredibly diverse look at North Atlantic marine life. On-board tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable, explaining the different things passengers are seeing and educating about conservation efforts and migration patterns.