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Experience the dark side of New Orleans with the New Orleans Vampire Tour. Take an eerie walk through the legendary French Quarter while the experienced tour guides regale you with spooky vampire tales, both real and fictional. The tour visits many of the important spots to New Orleans’ vampire lore while the tour guide immerses you in the history and legends surrounding them.

One of the spots on the tour is the infamous Ursuline Convent and the legend of the Casket Girls. These girls came from France in the 1800s with their dowries enclosed in a case that looked remarkably like a casket. They were put up by the nuns in the convent until they found husbands. But when their dowry case was opened, it was empty. The legend then grew that the girls had brought vampires to New Orleans. The attic windows of the convent where the cases were kept are now sealed shut with 8000 Blessed Screws. Every now and then someone sees a window open however and the nuns are then obliged to reseal it.

The tour also visits the house of St. Germaine, a reputed vampire of the early 1900s. St. Germaine also came from France and was accused by a woman of biting her. When he fled the area, investigators found wine mixed with human blood in his house. He is supposed to still visit the French Quarter from time to time.

These are only some of the legends brought to life on the New Orleans Vampire Tour. Other legendary and historical spots are visited including a real vampire tavern.

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