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Voodoo is still practiced in New Orleans even though this practice was started almost 1,000 years ago in Africa. It is considered to be a religion that worships one supreme deity and also loas or lwas. The loas are similar to the Saints in the Catholic religion with each loa having a particular purpose to serve. The Voodoo practice believes that Gods or Spirits are able to enter worshipers. This is supposed to help chase away bad luck and illness.

Take the New Orleans Voodoo Tour and learn all about the first Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, visit actual Voodoo altars and a genuine Voodoo shop. This fascinating tour will combine fact, fiction, folklore, legends and history while teaching you how Voodoo is practiced and why many people still fear its’ practice. You will also listen to stories about those who practice Voodoo and hear about that scary Voodoo curse. Another amazing part of the tour is learning about some real witchcraft and Voodoo spells that are still being used. The 1.5 hour tour runs on Saturday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00.

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