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9/11 Memorial Bike Tour Coupon

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9-11 Memorial

9/11.  A day seared in America’s memory and spirit.  The 9/11 Memorial, built on the site of the original Twin Towers, is a place of tribute. Visitors to NYC are drawn to it, compelled to just be there.

The idea of going to the memorial on a bike tour may seem a bit unusual, but it’s a wonderful way to see the sights around the financial district.  Bike and Roll’s 9/11 Memorial Bike Tour does more than just go there. It’s a thoughtfully planned, total experience.

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Ultimate Guide To Summer in New York City

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It’s true, New York City never sleeps!  A city of bests, it’s a year-round people magnet, especially in the summer.  With the warmth of summer, the always busy city ratchets up a notch as much of the action shifts outdoors.  The normally brusque demeanor of New Yorkers softens as they stream to outdoor venues and events.  As the heavy layers of winter are shed, a more casual, high energy vibe takes over the city. Everyone, everywhere gets into the act!


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Brooklyn Bridge Bike Tour Coupon

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People biking on the Brooklyn Bridge

When planning sightseeing outings in NYC, one of the last things that comes to mind is doing it by bike, let alone pedaling across the Brooklyn Bridge!  It’s not only possible, it’s a blast!  And, it’s do-able for anyone comfortable riding a bike, thanks to the NYC Greenway, a multi-borough system of bike-friendly greenways linked by street connectors with dedicated bike lanes. Imagine biking along Manhattan’s waterfront, through parks, down city streets, under bridges and across the Brooklyn Bridge,  all in the company of an engaging, well-informed, confident guide. This is a spectacular way to experience NYC, and nobody does it better than Bike and Roll.

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NYC Central Park Bike Tour Coupons

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Central Park at Night

Central Park Bike Tours at Night
Try a different kind of night out on the town.  Take a ride in the park. Specifically, a night bike tour in Central Park!  It’s simply spectacular. Well-planned by Bike and Roll for beauty and ease, the 7 mile, 2.5 hour night bike tour is filled with breathtaking views, both within the park and looking out to what lies beyond it.  It has all the right magic for a special night outing for families, couples, friends.

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NYC Helicopter Tour Discount Coupons

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NYC Helicopter Tour Aerial Photo

If you can only pick one thing to do in NYC, do this!  See the grandeur of it all from the sky!  On on a helicopter tour.  The WOW factor is off the charts!

From beginning to end, Liberty Helicopter’s service is first class.  There is a necessary process to go through upon arriving: standard airport security check, safety briefing, and placing carry-ons in lockers.  Once everyone is settled into the six passenger seats, with seat belts on and headsets adjusted, the pilot’s pleasant voice is heard clearly through the headsets, reassuring even nervous Nellies.  The chopper quickly lifts, hovers, and it’s up, up and away! The smooth, fantastic ride has begun!

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