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NYC Central Park Bike Tour Coupons

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Central Park at Night

Central Park Bike Tours at Night
Try a different kind of night out on the town.  Take a ride in the park. Specifically, a night bike tour in Central Park!  It’s simply spectacular. Well-planned by Bike and Roll for beauty and ease, the 7 mile, 2.5 hour night bike tour is filled with breathtaking views, both within the park and looking out to what lies beyond it.  It has all the right magic for a special night outing for families, couples, friends.

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NYC Helicopter Tour Discount Coupons

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NYC Helicopter Tour Aerial Photo

If you can only pick one thing to do in NYC, do this!  See the grandeur of it all from the sky!  On on a helicopter tour.  The WOW factor is off the charts!

From beginning to end, Liberty Helicopter’s service is first class.  There is a necessary process to go through upon arriving: standard airport security check, safety briefing, and placing carry-ons in lockers.  Once everyone is settled into the six passenger seats, with seat belts on and headsets adjusted, the pilot’s pleasant voice is heard clearly through the headsets, reassuring even nervous Nellies.  The chopper quickly lifts, hovers, and it’s up, up and away! The smooth, fantastic ride has begun!

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NOLITA NYC Food Tour Coupon

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Map of NOLITA NYC Restaurants

This is how to savor the Big Apple – one tasty bite at a time on the NOLITA NYC Food Tour. It’s an enjoyable 2-hour guided tasting tour through tiny Nolita (North of Little Italy). A bustling, on-the-move neighborhood blending Old World charm and a trendy vibe, it’s one of Manhattan’s gems.

Along its narrow streets, early to mid-20th century low-scale red brick walk-ups coexist seamlessly with sleek, low-rise undulating charcoal brick, glass and steel buildings, most upscale condos. Street-level space in the older buildings holds neighborhood groceries; small restaurants in tucked away places, serving Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Mediterranean, Chinese, Israeli, Mexican, Turkish food prepared the old way; and kitschy shops selling jewelry, trinkets and clothing.  Nolita’s edgy boutiques, upscale designer stores, and trendy new restaurants fit right into the ground level floors of minimalist buildings.

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NYC Double Decker Bus Tour Coupons

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NYC Double Decker Bus

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New York City – Big.  Bold, Busy.  Always on, 24/7.  So much to see and do from one end of Manhattan to the other.  Imagine if it were possible to see this amazing global city from a bird’s eye view, way above the madding crowd.  Imagine no more.  Tour it, see it,  hear it, photograph it, all from the open-air top deck on a classic NYC tour.

It gets better! Personable, well-informed on-board guides narrate in English along the way, ensuring you don’t miss a thing, and narrated GPS-triggered audio tours are available in 11 languages  There’s more!  The daytime tour loops offer 50+ Hop Off/Hop On stops to visit places of interest, explore, shop, and dine.  When finished at one stop, hop back on the next big red double-decker bus that comes along and resume the tour.  It’s the perfect, no-hassle way to take a really big bite out of the Big Apple and, for a limited time, enjoy these discount coupons!

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Lower East Side NYC Food Tour Coupon

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Map of Lower East Side Restaurants

The Lower East Side is the “in” place for foodies.  One of the oldest neighborhoods in Manhattan, and at one time the largest immigrant enclaves, it’s where New Yorkers in the know have gone for authentic ethnic food, particularly traditional Jewish favorites.  With each wave of newly arrived immigrants, it became the go-to place not only for herring, smoked fish, Bialys, pickles and Knishes, but also for specialties from other cultures – Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Greek, Hispanic, Japanese.  The latest Lower East Side food trend:  the influx of uber-sophisticated contemporary restaurants competing with one another for culinary perfection along Clinton Street, rightfully called “Restaurant Row.”

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