Savannah Outdoor Activities For Your Vacation

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Savannah’s lovely historic homes and house museums get all the attention.  Equally compelling is the natural beauty of the picturesque city and surrounding Georgia coastal area.

You don’t have to go far to experience it. It’s all around. On land or waterways, there are memorable outdoor attractions in the historic district, within close proximity to it, or a short drive away.  On land, Savannah has lovely places to walk, stroll, hike, or bike.  The surrounding maze of linking waterways – the river, salt-water marshes, estuaries, swamps, maritime forests, and pristine wilderness areas wait to be explored.
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Best Outdoor Activities To Do In Nashville On Vacation

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Nashville Segway Tours At Centennial Park

Known for its dynamic music scene and as a touchstone of Country Music, Nashville also has another side.   Surrounded by rolling hills, rivers and parks, it offers a lot to do outdoors. When visiting Nashville spring, summer or fall, plan to get out to some of these outdoor venues, all within a 30 mile radius of downtown.
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Top 10 Key West Shore Excursions

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Key West Fury All Day Watersport Activities

Tiny, eclectic Key West had loads of great shore excursions.  The quaint 2×4 mile sub-tropical island surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water, has a laid-back Caribbean feel, a rich history and streets and lanes lined with gingerbread cottages draped in tropical foliage.

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Chicago Scenic Views

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Chicago Millennium Park

Chicago is one of the most scenic cities in the U.S.  It’s easy to see why.  It’s a city of skyscrapers with forever vistas, a picturesque Lake Michigan shoreline, a river lined with architectural masterpieces, expansive lakefront parks with impressive outdoor art installations, and picturesque lakeside walking and biking trails.

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The Most Scenic Views in Washington, D.C.

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Washington, D.C. is visually beautiful.  Open spaces, manicured parks, grand avenues converging at landscaped circles and exceptional architecture fill America’s capital with endless scenic views.

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Jacksonville To Savannah Day Trip

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Savannah Skyline

There’s a shorter way and a longer way to get to Savannah from Jacksonville. To go straight to Savannah to begin sightseeing as tours and attractions in the historic district begin open, take the shorter, 2-hour drive up I-95.  It’s typical interstate scenery – cars going by.  To take the picturesque longer route through Georgia’s unique tidal landscape and picturesque towns along the barrier island coastline, the 3- hour long drive along U.S. Route 17 is a must.

There is a good compromise.  Take both routes by driving about halfway up Route 17 where you can hop on I-95 just beyond South Newport.   Leave Jacksonville early in the morning, enjoying the early morning colors of the spartina-laced estuarial landscape along Route 17.  Take a short jog over to Jeckyll Island, one of the barrier islands.  For a bit of local flavor, grab breakfast at The Pantry, Hibiscus Café or McCormick’s.  Drive to nearby Brewery Ruins Horton-duBignon, the oldest standing tabby structure in Georgia.  Open 24 hours a day for walk-throughs, the ruins have an interesting history and beautiful surroundings.  Head back up 17 to merge onto I-95 a short distance away. If you left at 7am, you’ll get there around 10:30am, giving you plenty of time in Savannah. To make the most of your day, select what interests you from this pick list.

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Rainy Day Activities In Washington D.C.

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Washington DC is the place to be on a rainy day.  You could spend an entire rainy day exploring just one of the immense and compelling world-class museums in America’s capital. The selections below, clustered by area to keep you dry by minimizing travel, appeal to a wide range of interests.

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Baltimore To Washington DC Day Trip

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white house washington dc


When vacationing in Baltimore plan to spend a day in Washington DC, only about an hour drive away. America’s capital is a beautiful city filled with significant sites. Iconic touchstones of democracy, amazing museums exhibiting the nation’s treasures, moving monuments and memorials and statue-filled parks tell America’s story.

With so much to see, plan ahead to get a good overview and have time to tour one or two of sites in depth. What you choose depends on whether you are traveling adults or families with children.

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10 Best Miami Shore Excursions

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Miami Skyline

Dynamic, multicultural Miami is a great place for shore excursions. Located between the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay and the mysterious Everglades, it’s a colorful, tropical city. It has a trendy vibe, interesting history, architecture and outdoor art, A-list nightspots, restaurants serving international cuisine and fabulous shopping.

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Orlando To St. Augustine Day Trip

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St. Augustine Museums

Separated by a 2+ hour drive, Orlando and St. Augustine are worlds apart. Sprawling Orlando grew around the magic of Disney. Tiny St. Augustine has been a continuous community since it was settled by Spanish explorers in 1565. Spectacular attractions at Disney World and other venues are an escape into never-never land.  Ancient forts, brick streets and an amazing collection of historic buildings in America’s Oldest City are a fascinating walk through history.

The drive from Orlando to St. Augustine is straightforward interstate travel.  Leave early and stay late to avoid some of Orlando’s congestion.  If you want to take a detour along the way, Daytona Beach, home of Daytona International Speedway, is at the juncture of I-4 and I-95. Avid race fans may opt to give up time in St. Augustine to tour the home the Daytona 500. For others, a drive around the outer grounds and a taking selfies at the iconic Daytona International sign may be enough.

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