How To See The National Mall In 2 Days

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Photo of US Capitol
Most visitors come to Washington experience museums, monuments, and memorials. Of course, The White House and the U.S. Capitol also top the list.  The good news is that the best of the best can be found within relatively close proximity to each other along and around the National Mall.  To plan to see the best in 2 days, a brief orientation helps.
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Rainy Day in New Orleans Activities

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New Orleans Sightseeing Tours

New Orleans weather is subtropical. If you’re visiting New Orleans between May through November, expect it to be hot and humid with a high chance of rain. December through April, it’s mild with less rain. Don’t worry, a long list of great indoor, rainy day, activities ensures that those brief New Orleans downpours, which suddenly happen and go away as quickly as they appear, will not wash out your parade. In anticipation of some rain passing through during your visit, or just to cool off on a steamy day, include some of these indoor activities in your vacation plans.

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How to Choose Best New York City Harbor Cruise

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Spirit of New York Lunch Cruise

In a city of superlatives, a cruise around New York Harbor should not be overlooked. Take a break the fast NYC pace and see the City from the water side.

Cruise vessels of all shapes and sizes offering tours around New York Harbor, give visitors multiple choices. While cruise types vary in style, price and experience, they all offer incredible views of the iconic skyline, the Statue of Liberty and the famous bridges.

Start by picking the right vessel for you. Choices include large, multi-level, sightseeing cruising yachts accommodating several hundred passengers, ferry boats running on regular schedules, luxury sailing schooners carrying from 49 to 12 passengers, majestic tall ships, U.S. Navy-issue rigid inflatables, replicas of 1920 luxury yachts, and go-fast boats.

Next, choose your cruise experiences. Whether you are looking for a daytime narrated sightseeing tour, a romantic sunset sail, happy hour tour, thrill ride, or a cruise with comfortable indoor spaces in which to enjoy good food, music and dancing, there’s something for everyone.

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How to Choose the Best Key West Water Sports

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Catamaran Tour in ocean in Key West

Of all the things to do day and night on the tiny island of Key West, visitors are drawn to getting out on the crystal-clear water, glimmering in shades of light turquoise to deep blue. Although visitors want to be on the water, not all want to get in it. In Key West, there’s something for everyone on the long list of water adventures. Choosing the right one for you is easy from this list of the best Key West water adventures and experiences.

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How to Choose the Best San Francisco Bay Cruise

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California Sunset Sail at Golden Gate Bridge

Seen from the big bay, shoreline views of the “City by the Bay” stretch forever. The San Francisco skyline rises up and around an active waterfront, Alcatraz has an eerie vibe, and Angel Island is inviting. Passing under Golden Gate Bridge soaring overhead is an unforgettable moment. Photo ops of the pristine hills of Marin Headlands dipping down into the bay and picturesque Sausalito nestled into them, are unbeatable. To the east, Bay Bridge curves over the bay and, from the west, fog billows in unexpectedly.

See it all on one of many boat cruises. The way to choose the best San Francisco Bay cruise is to decide how you want to see it. See it by ferry, catamaran, RIB, sailboat, luxury cruising yacht, go-fast boat or fishing boat. Each experience is unique. Pick the one that works best for you.

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Niagara Falls Scenic Views

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Upper Niagara River & Rapids

To say that Niagara Falls has scenic views is an understatement. The Falls are not only breathtakingly beautiful, to feel the immense power of the endless volume of water as it makes its way to the precipice, to drop, boiling and churning white into the gorge below, is mesmerizing. The cool thing is that there is no shortage of awesome scenic places from which to experience this natural wonder.

Three waterfalls collectively make up Niagara Falls which spans the border between Canada and the U.S. Horseshoe Falls is on the Canadian side; American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls are on the U.S. side. Be sure you bring your passport, a must if you plan to to visit both sides at the Rainbow Bridge border crossing.

Both sides have jaw-dropping views. Canada has a long, clean panoramic view of all three falls; the U.S. has multiple closer views. Niagara Falls Ontario is larger, more commercial and more crowded. Niagara Falls New York is more natural and wooded, thanks to the establishment of 400-acre Niagara State Park in the late 1800, encompasses the shoreline along Niagara Gorge and American Rapids, and includes Goat, Green, Luna and Three Sisters islands.

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Choosing The Best Nashville Museums For Your Vacation

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Johnny Cash Museum

If you are planning a visit to Nashville, you are undoubtedly going for the dynamic music scene. To mix it up a bit, you may want to know what else makes Nashville tick. The answer lies in its museum choices. To help you decide which of the best Nashville museums to visit, take your pick from these choices:
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Best Philadelphia Outdoor Activities for Summer Vacation

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Philadelphia Skyline

Philadelphia’s numerous parks and outdoor spaces have fulfilled the vision of its founder, William Penn, to build a “greene countrie town.” Outdoor attractions, urban parks and extensive wilderness park systems offer wonderful summer vacation experiences for all ages and all levels of activities.
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Most Scenic Views Of San Diego

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San Diego Skyline from water

San Diego’s scenic coastline and inland views venues are spectacular. Whether accessed by foot, car, trolley or boat, dramatic vistas are everywhere.
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Honolulu Scenic Views

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Oahu Grand Circle Island

The dramatic beauty of the Hawaiian Islands landscape is epic. Through the islands that make up the unique archipelago, scenic views are spectacular.

Along the coastline of Oahu, the most popular island and the location of Honolulu, jagged cliffs punching down into the sea, expansive crescent-curved beaches and crystal clear water are awesome.  In addition to magnificent coastal panoramas, the color and beauty of dense tropical forests, plunging waterfalls, verdant valleys, and gigantic waves rolling in like glassy curls in to surfers’ favorite breaks, are spellbinding.

From the cosmopolitan glam of Waikiki’s over 150 hotels and 1,000 restaurants lining a 2-mile stretch of gorgeous crescent beach, to the wild beauty of North Shore, the opportunities to experience the diversity of Oahu’s natural beauty are endless.
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