Best Beaches In The Florida Keys

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In the Florida Keys, there’s water, water, gorgeous turquoise water, everywhere – but where are the beaches?  If you’re expecting expansive, picture-postcard beaches for sunbathing, swimming, shelling, you’ll find those on the “mainland,” but not in the Keys.

Lined up like green gemstones over crystalline water for 120 miles, the islands of the Florida Keys offer awesome water activities: incredible snorkeling and diving at the magnificent coral reef, deep-sea fishing in the azure Gulf Stream, kayaking Eco tours through mysterious mangroves, exciting wild dolphin adventures, bone fishing on endless flats, reef discovery from glass-bottom boats, romantic cruises aboard sailing schooners but, contrary to expectations, there’s only a few “traditional” beaches.

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9 Spring Fling Hotspots

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Tired of the daily grind? Ready to blow off some steam? Need to get away? Look no further! Here are 9 Vacation Ideas for a Spring Fling that up’s your energy. Go for a weekend or a week. Just go!

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Key West State of Mind

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To me, visiting Key West, Florida is not so much about a place as an attitude. A mindset… more than an address. I think of Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffett. I think of the Conch Republic declaring independence from the U.S. in 1982 with a hail of stale Cuban Bread. I think of the Cat Man and the Gymnast in Mallory Square. I think of Sloppy Joe’s, the Hog’s Breath Saloon and the Green Parrot bar.

Here you can dare to be different. Here you find citizens of the planet, pirates in training and artists of every stripe.  Laid back doesn’t really capture the essence of the Keys, does it? Eccentric, funky, colorful and relaxing all describe this island; which seems more Caribbean than Floridian.

People come here to be what they aren’t at home. They come here looking to chill out, blow off steam, or forget the past. They come here hoping to find themselves or reinvent their lives. Some just come here for fun. In Key West, Florida anything is possible. Those that live here watch the endless parade of humanity go by and smile. See you there…

More Key West pics here.

12 sunny San Diego, California sites you must see

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San Diego Seals

San Diego, California averages only 10 inches of rain each year. The average daytime temperature is around 70 degrees. For you, that means great weather for sightseeing and tours.  Here are 12 sites you need to experience there.

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Free Things To Do in NYC

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Statue of LibertyWhoever said you can’t get anything for free anymore hasn’t been to New York City! New York City offers some of the best museums, zoos, galleries and attractions in the world and you can visit dozens of them for free. Though most of the following attractions typically have an admission fee, they open their doors free of charge during certain days of the week (and certain hours). Please note however, donations or “pay as you wish” policies are usually in effect during these free times. Though you are not obligated to pay, a donation will help insure that future generations can enjoy these establishments. It’s recommended that you contact the attraction before going to ensure free admission will be offered during your trip.

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Strangest Museums in the United States

Planning your next vacation? Looking for something on the stranger side? The United States has some really strange museums. Here are some of the strangest.

  1. Museum of Bad Art (MoBA)Museum of Bad Art (MoBA) – Not sure how else to describe this museum… the title sums it up pretty well. The Museum of Bad Art describes its mission perfectly – “dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms.” Artists that are featured at the MoBA are talented, esteemed artists that have created works that cause fans to say “what was he thinking?”. Founded by Scott Wilson who began the museum with its first masterpiece in 1993, “Lucy in the Field of Flowers”, apparently discovered in a trash pile in Boston. Museum Of Bad Art, Basement of Dedham Communitiy Theatre, 580 High Street, Dedham MA, Telephone: 1-781-444-6757
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12 First Time There Travel tips

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The excitement and anxiety wash over you. Finally! That long overdue trip. It’s a place you have always wanted to go but have never been. Adventure awaits, but what next? Here are a dozen tips to make your trip more memorable.

Pack light then cut it by a third

“I have to pack this pair of shoes. I can’t live without four hats. How will I manage with one coat?” Stop! Whenever traveling to a new place the temptation is to over pack. Unless you are going to a remote area- don’t do it! You can always add to your suitcase, if needed, and a way to clean your clothes is usually available. Toting heavy luggage to the train station is awful as I found out in Paris recently. Pack the bare minimum and learn to work with it. Your back will thank you.
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10 Most Popular St. Patrick’s Day Parades in the United States

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Chicago River dyed green for St. Patrick’s DayChicago River dyed green for St. Patrick’s DayWhether you’re Irish or a leprachuan wanna-be… everyone loves a good St. Patrick’s Day Parade! You may have heard the expression “Everyone wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.” Though St. Patrick’s Day is the national holiday of Ireland, it is celebrated world wide… from North America to Argentina, Germany to Montserat, Mexico to Russia. Originally a religious celebration in observance of the death of Saint Patrick (circa 385 – 461), one of the Irish patron saints, it has now become more of a holiday to celebrate the Irish culture and it’s influences worldwide.

The United States has celebrated St. Patrick’s Day well before it’s independence from Great Britain. The first St. Patrick’s Day and parade in North America was held in Boston in 1737 followed by New York City in 1756. While St. Patrick’s Day originated in Ireland, the largest St. Patrick’s Day parade is held in Chicago with over 2 million spectators and participants. The US, with it’s large Irish ancestory, has parties, parades and events throughout the country. Are you planning to “Go Green” in March? The largest St. Patrick’s Day Parades are:

  1. Chicago, Illinois, since 1843 – Over 2 Million Spectators
  2. New York City, Since 1756 – Tied with Chicago
  3. Savannah, Georgia – Over 400,000
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Another pre-Declaration of Independence aged St. Patrick’s Day
  5. Kansas City, Missouri – 200,00 spectators
  6. Boston, Massachusetts
  7. San Francisco, California – Oldest and biggest west of the Mississippi
  8. Houston, Texas
  9. Cleveland, Ohio
  10. New London, Wisconsin

Amongst the Fishes at the Florida Aquarium

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Okay, I’ll admit it…I drove past the Florida Aquarium four times before I saw it over my left shoulder. Sheesh! I was so annoyed that I had to sit down and breathe deeply. Once inside my tension melted away. Soon I was floating amongst the fish. Gliding along while filtered sunlight washed over me and cool blue light calmed my senses….no…really. The interior was so tranquil that I could have fallen asleep. It was wonderful.

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida is part of the “Tampa Bay’s Triplet”package. I enjoyed the tropical rainforest area, the coral reef viewing window and the penguin promenade show is fun.

You can swim with the fishes and dive with the sharks here but one of the most popular features is the “Explore a Shore,” 2 acre, outdoor waterpark geared towards young children. Parents can enjoy the Cantina while watching the kids have a blast. Everyone wins.

So…get excellent directions to the parking lot, buy your Tampa Bay’s Triplet ticket and enjoy the Florida Aquarium. More photos here.


San Diego Fires

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Our best thoughts are with our extraordinary team at Old Town Trolley in San Diego, California. Battling the fires with the dry conditions and high winds is a tall order. Losing your home in the blink of an eye is devastating. Stay safe and let us know how we can all help.
To see how difficult this situation is go to Flickr photos here.
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