Five Free Things to Do and See in New Orleans for Families

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New Orleans is the home of jazz, Mardi Gras and the best Gumbo that the country will ever churn out. When it comes to visiting this famous flavorful city in Louisiana with your family, there are many places to visit that are free or very low priced. Don’t miss out on these five great, cheap experience that will entertain not just you, but the entire family:

  • Garden District. Looking for a place to walk around, enjoy the view and soak up the local color of New Orleans? There are numerous beautiful historic homes to see here, adorned with lovely gardens. If you are staying in this district of the city, be sure to take the St. Charles streetcar to the end of its line, then turn around and come back. You can enjoy the stunning antebellum homes, large, majestic oak trees covered in Spanish moss, Loyola and Tulane Universities and Audabon Park, the former of where the city zoo is located. Don’t miss out on walking up Magazine Street. It’s a lovely area; just make sure you take a walking map with you so you don’t get lost! Remember to bring your camera, too.
  • Preservation Hall. The home of jazz might be a good nickname for New Orleans. Preservation Hall is an extremely inexpensive place to visit and view some of the best jazz bands in the region. Yes, the building is very old and it does not have any air conditioning. It can become very crowded. But the acoustics are great and the music is live and real. The performances are what draw hundreds of people here at a time. You can’t afford to miss out on a fantastic musical venue like this. It really gives you a taste of New Orleans as a living museum. Kids will love the loud music, too.
  • St. Louis Cathedral. As the oldest continuously active cathedral in the United States of America, this stunning piece of architecture is a must-see. You don’t have to pay the small fee to view the interior if you’d rather just view the amazing edifice from the outside. You can attend mass there on Sundays or peek inside during their annual Christmas service. You may want to pay the fee to see inside during tourist season. It is truly a magnificent piece of religious architecture. It is said that Walt Disney designed the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland after this cathedral’s architectural overview. It is located in the French Quarter.
  • Lafayette Cemetery. This is a cemetery that was built for those who lived in the Garden District. Some of the crypts and headstones are extremely old. The grounds are well preserved. This was the same cemetery that was used in the move, Interview with a Vampire, with Brad Pitt.
  • City Park. Horseback riding, golfing and tennis are all prominent activities in this beautiful park. Kids will love the sprawling grounds and the horses.

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Old Town Trolley Key West

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Old Town Trolley Tours of Key West, Florida offers a plethora of tours of Old Town, Key West. Old Town Key West is a great place to visit to get the full effect of the culture and history of Key West. And the best way to experience the culture and history of Key West is to take an Old Town Trolley tour of the historical city.

It is easy to purchase tickets for any of the varied tours offered on Old Town Trolley Tours. Simply go to the website to make arrangements for the tour of your choice. Tours are easily and conveniently arranged at this site, and for a limited time, children go on tours for free, making this tour a great family experience.

Day tours of Old Town Key West are offered that give visitors an overview of the Key West area. All of Key West can be toured in one day on the comfortable trolleys. Frequent stops avoid lots of walking, and no important sight is left unseen. Using the trolley avoids parking costs and problems, too.

There are great sights to see such as the scenic views and sandy beaches of Key West. There is an exciting “Ghosts and Gravestones” tour for the brave tourist interested in an unusual tour to tell the folks at home about. See the Hemingway House as well as other historical homes. The trolley also stops for shopping and restaurants so tourists can experience Key West culture and cuisine.

Madame Tussauds Hollywood – Review and Kids Go Free Promotion

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Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood is a sight that you will never forget. You can literally get nose to nose with favorite celebrity look alike. It is amazing how real these wax figures look. You will also get the added bonus of learning how these incredible wax figures are formed. It takes hundreds of hours of hard and detailed work by skilled professionals. You will get to learn the secrets of the trade and run into some very famous looking figures when you visit this very unique place. To buy tickets go to . For a limited time children can visit this place for free.

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with your favorite actor, singer, or actress? At Madame Tussauds you can meet Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and many other famous people. Beyonce, Michael Jackson, and even the skateboard legend Tony Hawk can be seen at this fun place. If you want to take your family out for a day that they will never be able to forget, then this is a nice choice. You will see many fascinating things in this magical world of wax figures. You will not be able to tell the difference between a real or wax person. This place is like no other. Get your ticket and enjoy the experience.

John F. Kennedy Library Review

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The JFK Presidential Library and Museum is located on Boston‘s waterfront and is an experience that can be appreciated by all ages, including history buffs everywhere. You can start the tour with some short films which play back to back in each of its three theaters. Then start your tour with a guide, or venture out on your own. The museum has a lot to offer with theaters, period settings, and 25 dramatic multimedia exhibits. One can get lost in history for hours with the wealth of knowledge that’s displayed within. From the outside to the amazing set up inside, one will not be disappointed, truly worth taking a day to soak it all in.

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Stone Mountain Coupons and Review

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Laser Light Show at Stone Mountain ParkStone Mountain Park, situated in the Atlanta, Georgia region, is a 3,000-acre recreational area that is a favored vacation spot. It highlights both natural setting and a variety of events for the entire family. Activities are plentiful at Stone Mountain. Visitors can walk on the walk up trail that is 1.3 miles to the top of Stone Mountain. At the top, view scenes of the Atlanta area. Ride the Sky Ride to the peak of Stone Mountain to view the carving of Confederate soldiers on Stone Mountain. Board the train for a scenic ride around the base of the mountain. the Plantation with buildings constructed from 1790 and 1845 to see Mississippi River boat The train is one-way loop with two stops-the depot and a stop near the walk up trail. Sail aboard the Mississippi Riverboat on the Stone Mountain Lake. Tour the Antebellum plantation that has buildings built between 1790 and 1845, providing a display of a pre-Civil War farm. Visit the Confederate Hall, a museum that displays the geologic structure of Stone Mountain Park as well as Civil War history in Georgia. Finish the day with the laser light show.
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New England Aquarium Whale Watch Coupons

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For a fun, thrilling, and educational day for anyone of any age, the New England Aquarium Whale Watch cruise in Boston is always a winning proposition. Whale sightings are guaranteed on the boats, which leave from the New England Aquarium and head about 30 miles out to sea to some of the best marine life feeding grounds in the world.

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Five Free (or almost free) Things to Do and See in San Francisco for Families

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San Francisco is possibly one of the most photographed cities in the country. The beautiful morning fog and rays of sunshine that cascade over the city all year long are certainly photographer-worthy. What’s more, the city is a highly popular tourist hotspot. Families can visit the city without having to worry about breaking the bank and still enjoy some of the ‘city by the bay’s’ main attractions!

  • The Golden Gate Bridge. No, it is not the oldest, longest or even first of its kind when it comes to suspension bridges. And yet the Golden Gate continues to be the most popular suspension bridge on planet earth. It has been photographed thousands of times by professionals and millions of times by tourists. It is a beautiful creation and epitomizes the California theme song, “open up that golden gate.” You can drive over the bridge for free and view the beautiful waters of the harbor. Once you reach the side that overlooks the San Francisco skyline, you can stop at a lookout point and enjoy the view. You’ll also get a great view of Alcatraz Island.
  • Ferry Building Marketplace. Looking for a place to enjoy the local culture but avoid paying too high of prices for the experience? The Ferry Building Marketplace is basically an emporium, or a flea market, full of amazing vending that comes both in the form of souvenirs, food and other goods. It is a wonderful entertainment facility and will provide you with a little farmer’s market aura as well. Take home some California fruit with you! You can also find cheap souvenirs here, as well. Souvenir shops in San Francisco can be guaranteed to be vastly overpriced, so this is a great opportunity.
  • Angel Island State Park. All you will need is a picnic basket and a blanket! This beautiful park is full of lush foliage and wildlife. It is the perfect place to let children run around and play while you relax. After, enjoy a nice picnic lunch under the shade of the trees. You can also camp, hike, or walk the beautiful trails that wind around the park. It sits on an island and is completely free of charge to enjoy, offering fantastic views of both San Francisco and Marin County.
  • Cable Cars. Downtown San Francisco has housed these modes of transportation for many years. They are very famous and have been deemed a historical landmark. The track runs for about seventeen miles. It doesn’t cost very much to board the cable cars and take the ride to the top of the steep hills and back. The whole family will enjoy the ride, and you’ll get a great view of the San Francisco harbor, too.
  • Golden Gate Park. The Golden Gate Park is located just off the cuff of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is best to visit this attraction when the fog has lifted and it’s warmer. It houses museums and picnic grounds.

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Madame Tussauds in DC Review and Coupon Code

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Madame Tussauds wax museum in Washington DC is one of the city’s must see attractions. Where else can you have your picture taken with historical icons and famous celebrities such as George Washington, Julia Roberts, and Brad Pitt… or at least the wax versions of them? The museum features hands-on, interactive displays that allow visitors to feel as though they are standing alongside, or even shaking hands with, some of the most important figures in history, pop culture, and sports. A family-friendly environment, Madame Tussauds is not only a place where you can experience modern culture, but it is a great way to teach children about history as well.

A highlight of Madame Tussauds in Washington D.C. is the new Presidents Gallery which will be the only place in the world that allows visitors to interact will all 44 of the U.S. presidents. This astounding exhibit will provide visitors with an elaborate display of our U.S. presidents. Guests of all ages will love the interactive aspects of the gallery and will leave with a wealth of history and knowledge.

Visitors should remember to bring a camera to capture photographs with these realistic wax figures. Every member of your family or party is sure to be pleased. These life-sized replicas range from actors, to sports figures, musicians, and historical figures. From a detailed replica of the Oval Office, to taking a quick photo with actor, Denzel Washington, and pop-sensation Selena Gomez. There is bound to be at least a few photo opportunities to please guests of varying interests and ages.

Guests will also enjoy interactive interviews with media personalities like Oprah, Joan Rivers, and Katie Couric. Then take a “behind the scenes” tour of the creation and intricate detail that goes into making these sensational wax figures.

Visit Madame Tussauds in Washington D.C. and get up close and personal with well-known icons. Visitors will leave being both awed with child-like entertainment and enlightened with rich historical representations through this interactive museum.

Madame Tussauds is open 365 days a year and is accessible by car, subway, or bus. Although the hours of operation vary almost monthly, and the attractions sometimes open earlier or close later depending on the number of customers, it is important to note that the closing hours displayed indicate when the ticket sales will stop for that day and not necessarily when the museum closes.


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Sex and the City Hotspots Tour Review and Promo Code

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There is nowhere quite like New York City to follow along in the footsteps left by Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. In the television series as well as movies, the entire city plays a role. Whether in Midtown, Greenwich Village or Soho, each on the boroughs plays a distinct part in the story of these fascinating women. On the the Sex and the City Hotspots Tour you can visit some of the same places where the girls gossiped, met the men in their lives, drank cosmopolitans and shopped for Jimmy Choo heels. The air conditioned bus drives you to many destinations, and stops at some of the highlights for you to explore.

If you are in the mood to stop for cupcakes where the girls did or head to Aiden’s bar “Scout” for a mid afternoon Cosmo, then this tour is perfect for you. There are several stops that allow you to disembark the tour bus and take photos at significant sites. Plus, you can make a note of great restaurants, clubs and shops the famous characters frequented and come back to them later when you have more time.

The busiest days for the tour are weekends, so if you want a less crowded experience head on the weekdays. Tours leave more than once per day, and lasts around three and a half hours.


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Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

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For about the price of a box of chocolates and a dozen roses, make the choice to spend some quality time with your Valentine. Here are ideas that will allow you and yours to reconnect and remember why the two of you fell in love in the first place. Purchase discount tickets for tours and attractions from Trusted Tours.

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