Finding Dolphins in Florida

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Of all the creatures in the sea, dolphins, hands down, win the popularity contest.  We are inexplicably drawn to them, we personify them, we see ourselves in them!

They appear playful, curious; they show off, display a certain joie de vivre, and even look us right in the eye – all personality traits we claim as our own!   Like us, they’re mammals, and are therefore warm-blooded, have lungs that breathe air, give birth to their young and nurse them.  Add these facts – they have large brains, live in complex societies, help one another, learn from experience.  It’s no wonder we’re intrigued.
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Candlelight Walking Ghost Tour of Philadelphia

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Ghost Tour of Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA
Betsy Ross is one of Philadelphia’s most beloved icons-a local girl who garnered everlasting fame as the “Mother of the American Flag.” Betsy’s house still stands on Arch Street in the birthplace of the nation, the historic district of Philadelphia, and millions of people have walked through the storied halls of her modest dwelling.

But there is another side to Betsy’s story, one told only in whispers over the course of generations. In that unassuming house on Arch Street, the ghost of Betsy herself has been seen weeping at the foot of a bed in an upstairs bedroom. In the basement, a murky shadow appears, in the same place where a man was shot to death long ago. Betsy’s gravestone stands just outside of the house, but it hasn’t always. Her remains have been moved three times, and it only takes once to conjure a vengeful spirit.

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Birding in Florida

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Roseate Spoonbills

Roseate Spoonbills

There are several reasons why the state of Florida is so popular with bird watchers. Birding in Florida contributes to the tourism economy of the area and brings in 2 million bird watchers each year. The diversity of habitat, its mix of temperate zones and its fortunate position as a point on migration routes have resulted in the documented sightings of over 500 species of birds, many of which are rare.

The most famous trail was introduced by The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to encourage conservation and to attract visitors. Named The Great Florida Birding Trail, it runs for 2,000 miles across 489 sites. There are guide books with maps and highway signs to guide visitors along the trail. Various eco-tours like Everglades Day Safari play an important part in birding in Florida, by educating the public and touring the natural habitats of various species.

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Seven Ways to Savor Savannah

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(Belablast – Trusted Savannah Tours and Attractions) Lowcountry cooking – soothing, savory, seductive – is reason alone to visit Savannah.

She-crab soup, shrimp and grits, Hoppin’ John, Frogmore Stew, red rice, perlau, Hoe Cakes – all Lowcountry signature favorites. Or, innovative Lowcountry with a modern twist that brings Savannah’s culinary riches to new heights – black-eyed pea cakes, cream of butternut squash soup with curry cream, sweet potato puree, Carolina crab cakes, wild Georgia shrimp and grits, pecan encrusted sea scallops.  It’s a way of cooking that is truly regional as well as mouth-watering delicious.

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Best Beaches In The Florida Keys

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In the Florida Keys, there’s water, water, gorgeous turquoise water, everywhere – but where are the beaches?  If you’re expecting expansive, picture-postcard beaches for sunbathing, swimming, shelling, you’ll find those on the “mainland,” but not in the Keys.

Lined up like green gemstones over crystalline water for 120 miles, the islands of the Florida Keys offer awesome water activities: incredible snorkeling and diving at the magnificent coral reef, deep-sea fishing in the azure Gulf Stream, kayaking Eco tours through mysterious mangroves, exciting wild dolphin adventures, bone fishing on endless flats, reef discovery from glass-bottom boats, romantic cruises aboard sailing schooners but, contrary to expectations, there’s only a few “traditional” beaches.

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9 Spring Fling Hotspots

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Tired of the daily grind? Ready to blow off some steam? Need to get away? Look no further! Here are 9 Vacation Ideas for a Spring Fling that up’s your energy. Go for a weekend or a week. Just go!

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Key West State of Mind

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To me, visiting Key West, Florida is not so much about a place as an attitude. A mindset… more than an address. I think of Ernest Hemingway and Jimmy Buffett. I think of the Conch Republic declaring independence from the U.S. in 1982 with a hail of stale Cuban Bread. I think of the Cat Man and the Gymnast in Mallory Square. I think of Sloppy Joe’s, the Hog’s Breath Saloon and the Green Parrot bar.

Here you can dare to be different. Here you find citizens of the planet, pirates in training and artists of every stripe.  Laid back doesn’t really capture the essence of the Keys, does it? Eccentric, funky, colorful and relaxing all describe this island; which seems more Caribbean than Floridian.

People come here to be what they aren’t at home. They come here looking to chill out, blow off steam, or forget the past. They come here hoping to find themselves or reinvent their lives. Some just come here for fun. In Key West, Florida anything is possible. Those that live here watch the endless parade of humanity go by and smile. See you there…

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12 sunny San Diego, California sites you must see

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San Diego Seals

San Diego, California averages only 10 inches of rain each year. The average daytime temperature is around 70 degrees. For you, that means great weather for sightseeing and tours.  Here are 12 sites you need to experience there.

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Free Things To Do in NYC

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Statue of LibertyWhoever said you can’t get anything for free anymore hasn’t been to New York City! New York City offers some of the best museums, zoos, galleries and attractions in the world and you can visit dozens of them for free. Though most of the following attractions typically have an admission fee, they open their doors free of charge during certain days of the week (and certain hours). Please note however, donations or “pay as you wish” policies are usually in effect during these free times. Though you are not obligated to pay, a donation will help insure that future generations can enjoy these establishments. It’s recommended that you contact the attraction before going to ensure free admission will be offered during your trip.

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Strangest Museums in the United States

Planning your next vacation? Looking for something on the stranger side? The United States has some really strange museums. Here are some of the strangest.

    1. Museum of Bad Art (MoBA)Museum of Bad Art (MoBA) – Not sure how else to describe this museum… the title sums it up pretty well. The Museum of Bad Art describes its mission perfectly – “dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms.” Artists that are featured at the MoBA are talented, esteemed artists that have created works that cause fans to say “what was he thinking?”. Founded by Scott Wilson who began the museum with its first masterpiece in 1993, “Lucy in the Field of Flowers”, apparently discovered in a trash pile in Boston. Museum Of Bad Art, Basement of Dedham Communitiy Theatre, 580 High Street, Dedham MA, Telephone: 1-781-444-6757

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