San Francisco For First Timers

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San Francisco Cable Cars

San Francisco is one of the most visually beautiful and unique cities in America. Wonderful weather, interrupted now and then by fog banks rolling in and out, spectacular scenery, a big, busy bay, interesting architecture, closely stacked in layers up and down steep hills, iconic sights, interesting museums, large swaths of green parks, outdoor markets, great restaurants serving regional and ethnic food.

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Ultimate Guide For First Time Visitors To San Diego

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For first time visitors, the challenge of San Diego is that it has it all: gorgeous climate, a big, beautiful bay and scenic bayfront, interesting neighborhoods, a spectacular coastline, beaches, boardwalks, parks, museums, and nightlife.

The following categories with options in each focuses on the highlights.

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Best Outdoor Activities In New Orleans on Vacation

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Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans

What everyone knows:  New Orleans is a 24/7 party town with great bars, fabulous food, great live music, and a laissez-faire attitude.  What many don’t know: America’s most unique city is a great place for outdoor activities.

Outdoor activities in New Orleans run the gamut. Walk, bike, jog, glide on a Segway; skim through mysterious bayous on authentic swamp boats, paddle kayaks around lagoons and bayous; cruise down the Mississippi, enjoy shady parks and botanical gardens, explore moss-draped plantation grounds.

Work off the beignets binge! Get out, get moving and enjoy the outdoor side of New Orleans.
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Experience Nashville History On Vacation

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nashville skyline

There are two sides of Nashville and two ways to experience its history.  One is the country music roots of “Music City,” the epicenter of the uniquely American cultural phenomenon. The other is through the places highlighting the rich heritage of the city, the state, and its people.

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Best Outdoor Activities in St. Augustine on Vacation

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St Augustine Rainy Day

The oldest city in North America fits snugly in a confluence of salt-water waterways from the north, south and west, and is protected from the Atlantic Ocean by barrier islands on the east.  There are many ways to explore the salt water waterways and estuaries snaking through tidal salt marshes, conservation areas, state parks, and aquatic preserves which protect the unique, fragile ecosystem of “Old Florida.” On the Atlantic Ocean side, long stretches of white sandy beaches offer choices for everyone.

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Ultimate Guide To Haunted New Orleans

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Mardi Gras New Orleans

New Orleans is always rated as one of the most haunted cities in America. It has all the elements for paranormal activity to thrive.  An ancient, below-sea-level port city segmented by the mighty Mississippi, it has a history of seamen, privateers and pirates passing through it.  It’s where a cultural mix of people came in exile or to escape, putting down roots in fragile land surrounded by shadowy, primeval bayous of the Mississippi delta.  It’s a place where people are buried in above-ground Cities of the Dead, of voodoo rituals, decaying buildings, dark alleyways, hidden courtyards, heavy humid air.  Spirits of the dead roam in this unusual place where everything is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, veiled by glittering, feathered masks.

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Best Outdoor Activities in Miami

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Miami Bike Rentals

In tropical Miami, being outdoors is part of the culture. It’s a state of being, year-round. Enjoy bright blue skies, sunny days and balmy tradewinds make doing anything outdoors fun, from action-packed activities to strolling down lovely boulevards, through open garden malls, dining al fresco in sidewalk cafes, and walking through tropical parks.

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Best Outdoor Activities in Washington D.C.

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white house washington dc

When I think of visiting Washington D.C., what immediately comes to mind are the Monuments, Museums, Memorials, The White House, The U.S. Capitol – America’s must see national treasures and iconic sites. 
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Penguin Chicks To Waddle at Aquarium of the Pacific

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Penguin Chicks at Aquarium of the Pacific

Photo by Robin Riggs


The chicks will leave their nursery to join their parents in the Aquarium’s June Keyes Penguin Habitat on August 18, 2016
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How To See Key West In 2 Days

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Old Town Trolley Key West Lighthouse

There’s a lot to see in colorful, quaint Key West and easy to get into the laid-back Key West groove in 2 days. Start planning with some insider tips:
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