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Ripleys Believe It Or Not Robot

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What is Ripley’s, really?  It’s a museum without rhyme nor reason, a sideshow, a celebration of the truly weird.  It’s a walk into the unexpected; an encounter with the eccentric.  It’s at once strange and amusing.  This is why Ripley calls itself an “odditorium.”

Robert Ripley was an eccentric.  He was cartoonist, entrepreneur, collector of the odd and exotic, amateur anthropologist, entertainer and master self-marketer.  Until his death in 1949, he spent years traveling the globe in search of one-of-a-kind, unbelievable and inexplicable facts, artifacts and oddities of people, animals and things.  He was a collector of curios. The “Unbelievable Mr. Ripley” used these as a basis for his wildly popular syndicated newspaper cartoons, and radio and TV shows.  Today, much of his collection and more are presented in 32 Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditoriums.  This one in New York City Times Square is the largest. Twenty exhibits, many interactive, cover two floors. For a limited time, you can save money by purchasing tickets online with Trusted Tours and using our exclusive Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Coupon.

Adults find  the self-guided experience interesting, amusing and at times, fascinating.  Young and old stare in disbelief at real shrunken heads staring back. The art gallery is out of the ordinary: wall art and three dimensional sculptures created from the unusual – popsicle sticks, cigarette wrappers, laundry lint, tooth picks, matchsticks, guitar picks; micro-sculptures that fit inside of a needle.  Droids made of recycled car and computer parts.  Pretty cool, even for big kids!  There are historical items collected from many  countries, all documented on exhibit panels to read.

Kids love it!  They can be active and interactive.  The higher the gross-factor, the better. They eagerly tangle themselves in torture devices from the past. They find it hilarious to see their head and face in a large glass specimen jar on a shelf.  They are intrigued by the albino giraffe and are admittedly creeped out by the two-headed sheep. The dizzying, spinning Vortex Tunnel is a favorite of the whole family.  Weaving through the Laser Race Maze is over-the- top fun.

This is a great place for selfies.  Yes, photos are allowed.  Kids love taking silly selfies with all the odd things.  Imagine sending a selfie in the Dance Place, with your shadow in psychedelic colors on screen, dancing to great music.  Or face to face with shrunken heads.

Impressive. Fun.

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