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longneckwomanRipley’s Believe It or Not! is renowned for highlighting strange and mystifying things and events that occur around the globe. A 20th century Indiana Jones, Robert Ripley enjoyed traveling and collecting unusual items to chronicle his journeys to distant lands. The amateur anthropologist visited more than 200 countries in search of distinctive and unusual natural and cultural artifacts. Mr. Ripley’s enduring legacy is the “Odditoriums” that entertain more than 12 million people each year in over 30 worldwide destinations.
Opened in 2003, the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Key West museum enables guests to examine some of the more intriguing items from his collection. Billed as Key West’s strangest place, the 10,000-square foot odditorium has more than 500 exhibits depicting some of these bizarre artifacts. These unique displays provide visitors with an authentic Ripley’s experience as they tour the 13 galleries and outdoor balconies. Items on display include two-headed animals, a rare white buffalo and a 19th century vampire killing kit. The museum also displays a statue of Robert Wadlow who was nearly 9 feet tall. Guests can also view a sculpture of Captain Jack Sparrow made from auto parts as well as a typewriter and a shrunken female torso owned by Ernest Hemingway. Recent additions include a motorbike made from bones and a wedding dress made from paper. More than 90 percent of these items are not available anywhere else on the planet, including other Ripley’s Museums. There are also video clips from the Ripley’s syndicated television show hosted by Dean Cain as well as an arcade and interactive games.


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