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Family Things to Do in Salem, MA

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librarySalem is a vibrant community with a beautiful waterfront and a fascinating history. When traveling to the home of the witch trials, consider these top 9 family friendly attractions.

  1. Peabody Essex Museum was established by Salem’s prosperous ship captains. As the skippers sailed around the world, they collected exquisite works of art. They founded the renowned museum to share their treasures with the public. Housed in 24 historic buildings, the museum is rated as one of the best children’s art museums in the country.
  2. The Corwin House is Salem’s only remaining structure with a connection to the witch trials. The magistrate who lived in the residence sentenced 19 of the “witches” to die. Visitors can see period furnishings and learn what life was like in the late 17th century. The tour describes the local culture and attitudes during this tumultuous period.

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Boston to Salem Ferry Coupon

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ferry-salemThe catamaran Nathaniel Bowditch is named in honor of a 19th century mathematician who revolutionized maritime navigation. Passengers can take the beautiful vessel on a high-speed journey from Boston’s Long Wharf to the dock at the Salem Ferry Center. The vessel’s twin diesel engines propel her through the water at 33 knots. The trip on the vessel takes approximately 55 minutes, which means that you will spend less time on the water and more time touring the city. The 92-foot-long ship has two decks and can accommodate 149 passengers. The main deck is enclosed and equipped with a galley that serves a variety of menu items, and the partially enclosed upper deck has a viewing area. You can enjoy the open-air and the scenery of the North Shore as you travel to and from the legendary city. The mariners of old never crossed the water with this level of speed or comfort.

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The Peabody Essex Museum: Art and Accessibility in Salem

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A trip to the North Shore of Massachusetts is not complete without a visit to Salem. Once an active and vibrant seaport in the 1600s, Salem now offers a host of cultural and historic attractions. Being the location of America’s witch trials, Salem has plenty of ghost tours and haunted attractions that emphasize that part of its past. However, history and art can also be found in the Peabody Essex Museum. Its wide-ranging collection makes it one of the premier, midsized art museums in the country.

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