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10 Must-See Historic Savannah Homes on Your Next Vacation

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Savannah’s vast collection of over 1600 architecturally significant historic homes is astounding. They are the finest examples of Federal, Georgian, Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Colonial and Victorian architecture found anywhere in America. The 10 best historic Savannah homes and museums highlighted below are representative of different styles, each offering a unique perspective of life in Savannah from the early 1800s to the early 1900s.

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Water Activities You Should Add to Your Savannah Vacation

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Savannah Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise

Savannah’s collection of beautifully preserved historic homes, shady squares and historic plantations are just some of the reasons Savannah is such a popular vacation destination. Another is the surrounding water. A visit to Savannah is not complete without experiencing the extraordinary beauty of the natural coastal landscape, the sea islands, meandering rivers, mysterious salt marshes teeming with wildlife, and stretches of beach.

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Savannah Outdoor Activities For Your Vacation

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Savannah’s lovely historic homes and house museums get all the attention.  Equally compelling is the natural beauty of the picturesque city and surrounding Georgia coastal area.

You don’t have to go far to experience it. It’s all around. On land or waterways, there are memorable outdoor attractions in the historic district, within close proximity to it, or a short drive away.  On land, Savannah has lovely places to walk, stroll, hike, or bike.  The surrounding maze of linking waterways – the river, salt-water marshes, estuaries, swamps, maritime forests, and pristine wilderness areas wait to be explored.

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Jacksonville To Savannah Day Trip

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Savannah Skyline

There’s a shorter way and a longer way to get to Savannah from Jacksonville. To go straight to Savannah to begin sightseeing as tours and attractions in the historic district begin open, take the shorter, 2-hour drive up I-95.  It’s typical interstate scenery – cars going by.  To take the picturesque longer route through Georgia’s unique tidal landscape and picturesque towns along the barrier island coastline, the 3- hour long drive along U.S. Route 17 is a must.

There is a good compromise.  Take both routes by driving about halfway up Route 17 where you can hop on I-95 just beyond South Newport.   Leave Jacksonville early in the morning, enjoying the early morning colors of the spartina-laced estuarial landscape along Route 17.  Take a short jog over to Jeckyll Island, one of the barrier islands.  For a bit of local flavor, grab breakfast at The Pantry, Hibiscus Café or McCormick’s.  Drive to nearby Brewery Ruins Horton-duBignon, the oldest standing tabby structure in Georgia.  Open 24 hours a day for walk-throughs, the ruins have an interesting history and beautiful surroundings.  Head back up 17 to merge onto I-95 a short distance away. If you left at 7am, you’ll get there around 10:30am, giving you plenty of time in Savannah. To make the most of your day, select what interests you from this pick list.

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Savannah Segway Tour Coupons

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Take a Segway tour of Savannah. It’s a super fun, effortless way to see this beautiful city known for its distinct charm.

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