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Fort Myers Everglades Safari Review

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The Florida Everglades, a vast network of ecosystems, preserves, and waterways is home to numerous exotic species of wildlife. Fish, birds, and a colorful array of different flora and fauna constitute this wild and untamed section of southern Florida. The Sawgrass prairies, mangrove estuaries, cypress swamps and Savannahs are all part of what makes the Everglades unique to visit. In order not to harm these fragile ecosystems, taking an Eco-tour is the best way to experience the Everglades. The Everglades Day Safari-West Coast is a socially aware and environmentally conscious tour company. A tour of the Everglades by knowledgeable guides and naturalists will not only educate you about this lush and verdant landscape, but also provide adventure and entertainment for the entire family.

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Finding Dolphins in Florida

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Of all the creatures in the sea, dolphins, hands down, win the popularity contest.  We are inexplicably drawn to them, we personify them, we see ourselves in them!

They appear playful, curious; they show off, display a certain joie de vivre, and even look us right in the eye – all personality traits we claim as our own!   Like us, they’re mammals, and are therefore warm-blooded, have lungs that breathe air, give birth to their young and nurse them.  Add these facts – they have large brains, live in complex societies, help one another, learn from experience.  It’s no wonder we’re intrigued.

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Amongst the Fishes at the Florida Aquarium

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Okay, I’ll admit it…I drove past the Florida Aquarium four times before I saw it over my left shoulder. Sheesh! I was so annoyed that I had to sit down and breathe deeply. Once inside my tension melted away. Soon I was floating amongst the fish. Gliding along while filtered sunlight washed over me and cool blue light calmed my senses….no…really. The interior was so tranquil that I could have fallen asleep. It was wonderful.

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, Florida is part of the “Tampa Bay’s Triplet”package. I enjoyed the tropical rainforest area, the coral reef viewing window and the penguin promenade show is fun.

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