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Charleston in 2 Days

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The top sights to see in Charleston on a 2 day trip

Charleston is a charming, architecturally picturesque city filled with a treasure trove of magnificent antebellum homes, beautifully preserved churches and public buildings and hidden gardens down cobblestone lanes.  Founded in 1670, it is one of America’s oldest cities.  Most of its beautifully restored homes and buildings are in the Historic District, on what is known as The Peninsula, an area of low-lying land between the Ashley and Cooper rivers. Spend the first day of your 2-day visit to Charleston in the Historic District. On the second day, sample distinctively delicious Lowcountry cuisine on a food tour in the morning and take a short car ride from the Historic District to Ashley River Road for an afternoon spent touring remarkable antebellum plantation homes and spectacular gardens.

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Complete List of San Francisco Tour Coupons

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Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco at Sunset

Like the soaring red bridge that defines it, San Francisco draws people in.  Wedged into a hilly peninsula between San Francisco Bay and the dramatic Pacific Ocean, its great weather, natural beauty, casual sophistication, cultural diversity, character and color give it a special vibe.

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Presidential Sites – Places of Politics, Policies and Legacies

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As the end of this contentious, seemingly never-ending, presidential election year nears, one wonders what drives these particular Americans to seek the presidency. Who are they, and why do they run? They are, after all, Everyman.

For insight, look no further than to those who have come before them.  Visit a Presidential Historic Site.  What you’ll find depends on the era, and the president. All former presidents have at least one, with the exception of Zachary Taylor, who has none. Abraham Lincoln has six, the most by far.

A presidential site can be a birthplace, homestead, residence, museum, or library.  Some are thought-provoking in their sheer simplicity; others are Disney-esque complexes designed to dazzle and engage through multimedia presentations, interactive displays, and full-size replicas of Oval Offices. One even has a real Air Force One! Some are cold; others vibrant. Regardless of style, they are a snapshot of the American presidency at a moment in time and provide a sense of the individuals who aspired to, and reached, the pinnacle of power.

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Celebrating Memorial Day

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Celebrated annually on the last Monday of May, Memorial Day is a multifaceted holiday. First and foremost, Memorial Day is a time for remembering the men and women who have given their lives while serving for the United States military. However, the holiday also marks the beginning of summer vacation, whereas Labor Day marks the end. Memorial Day was established as a federal holiday in 1967 after being informally celebrated since the Civil War. Did you know that Americans didn’t call it Memorial Day originally? Not until after World War II did the holiday earn the title of Memorial Day.

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Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

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For about the price of a box of chocolates and a dozen roses, make the choice to spend some quality time with your Valentine. Here are ideas that will allow you and yours to reconnect and remember why the two of you fell in love in the first place. Purchase discount tickets for tours and attractions from Trusted Tours.

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