Villa Zorayda Museum

A little piece of Spain in the city of St. Augustine, Florida, you will want to be sure to include the Villa Zorayda Museum in your plans as you visit the area. The 1883 building is an architectural replica of part of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain, created by Franklin Smith. Faced with a lack of rock in Florida, Smith developed a combination of concrete and crushed coquina stone which would go on to influence building and architecture in the future of St. Augustine. The replica is 1/10th of the scale of the original, but provides a valuable historic and educational experience to the visitor with an interest in the Spanish influence in the area.

A stop at the intriguing museum is exciting because of the castle-like appearance. The architectural features will excite and interest young and old, alike, with the opportunity to see what a real castle might look like.

The Villa Zorayda Museum is listed on the national register of historic places, making it a significant stop for educational interests. Guided tours are provided in English, Spanish, and French, furthering the educational quality of your visit.

The art collection at Villa Zorayda Musem includes exquisite Oriental and Egyptian pieces, ranging from paintings to artifacts. Of particular interest is the “Sacred Cat Rug”, a 2400 year old piece constructed from the hair of cats from the area surrounding the Nile River.

Appreciation of the entire look and feel of St. Augustine will be more exciting in the context of seeing this influential structure, given that it was the first constructed with the particular concrete approach that later shaped much of the area’s construction. Purchase your tickets for Villa Zorayda Museum and other exciting St. Augustine, FL tours with Trusted Tours.