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The thought of flying through the air over the trees sounds thrilling, but with the “I want to” comes the fear factor. While we might have always wanted to fly like Peter Pan, people weren’t necessarily meant to fly. But now we can!  Zipline Hilton Head guides you from beginning to end and makes it a blast!

I have long wanted to try ziplining. I also find the magnificent salt water marshes and meandering river systems of coastal Georgia and South Carolina Low Country exceptionally beautiful. I am fascinated by the way all parts of this unique landscape interact – tidal flow, sand, mud, and spartina grass “islands” broken up by lacy estuarine fingers meandering through them. Traveling from Savannah to Charleston along Route 17, I have marveled at this richly abundant ecological system visible along the road and have wished for a bird’s eye view.

The experience exceeded my expectations.  The Zipline staff was great. Five people were in our group (max is 8), all novices. I coerced a friend into trying it. During the safely instruction, our tour guides were so pleasant and encouraging that in no time we began to feel comfortable. Patiently, they showed us how to buckle and strap. We learned how everything worked. While their approach was serious, their warm humor made us feel at ease and dispelled the jitters.

With new self-confidence quelling the butterflies, off we went. We started out low and slow. I liked this approach. It gave me time to get used to all the different sensations. We went through the trees. It was fun, but I still felt tentative.  At first, it took concentration and focus, so initially there was no way I was relaxed enough to even look at the landscape. When we stopped at the first of 11 platforms (and 3 towers), our guides checked to see how each of us was doing. Satisfied, they chatted about what was around us, history and wildlife, and told a few lighthearted jokes.

Above the trees we soared. What a sensation! The lines from one platform to the next were of different lengths, heights and speed. I became really comfortable. The thought of being way up there on a cable, or swaying over an undulating suspension bridge didn’t bother me. It was exhilarating. And beautiful. Below were oaks and pines. Palmettos were visible in sun-drenched patches.The biggest thrill was the view from the highest platform, about 75 feet up. Beyond, the Broad River meandered, white boats dotting it here and there.  Stretching inland was the magnificent marsh, salt water fish and marine mammals nursery; rookery for birds. I looked out to see if I could spot a manatee, dolphin, snowy egret or elegant blue heron. And, as if in affirmation, an osprey soared overhead on fish patrol, making his distinctive high pitched chirping call. I knew then I had seen everything I had hoped to see.

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